20 ways to practice self care & manage your stress

Hey guys, it’s been a minute since I posted a blog because with the start of the school year, I’ve really just been busy getting everything finalized and my room set up! I will post a separate blog on my room transformation, but you can head to my Instagram highlights to see the ‘finished’ product.

Because I’ve been so dang stressed lately and so have a lot of my clients, I wanted to share a bunch of ways we can handle this stress so it doesn’t get out of hand. When our cortisol (stress hormone) is elevated for a long period we see SO many side effects! One of my posts last week was on some of those effects, so make sure you to take a look at this post here for more science on how our bodies respond to these levels!


  1. Go for a walk
  2. Listen to feel good music
  3. Take a nap / get good nights rest
  4. Get a massage
  5. Eat a healthy meal
  6. Drink a glass of water
  7. Spend quality time with people you love
  8. Go to a restaurant and enjoy a meal
  9. Get your nails/hair done
  10. Read a book (fiction where you don’t have to think about anything)
  11. Sit in the sunshine
  12. Get creative: do an art project, home decor, write, whatever fuels this for you
  13. Rent a movie
  14. Spend time doing one of your hobbies: golf, working out, learning, etc.
  15. Go shopping and pick out a cute new outfit
  16. Clean the house (this is therapeutic for me idk ab out you)
  17. Cook/bake a new recipe or a favorite you have
  18. Go to the pet store to see all the cute puppies
  19. Take yourself on a date day and pamper yourself
  20. My biggest tip for managing your stress: figure out what the dang stresser is in your life and deal with that shit. You can put bandaids over it all you want, but until you handle what’s causing you stress, it will never go away.

How do you practice self care and/or manage your stress?

PS if you missed it above, take a look at this post to see how your stress is affecting your progress! 



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