Winter time is here and I always struggle to find things to do with Cody. I love fall for dates but winter comes and a movie night inside always sounds like the best option. But I compiled a list of 25 different ideas when you’re feeling stuck and don’t know what to do. Good for couples or just getting a group of friends together!

  1. Watch all the classic holiday movies
  2. Check out ice castles or sculptures
  3. Go look at Christmas lights
  4. See a play
  5. Go to nice restaurant
  6. Go watch a Christmas parade
  7. Go to the mall
  8. Go snowshoeing
  9. Go snowboarding/skiing
  10. Take a weekend getaway at a cabin
  11. Go get massages
  12. Bake cookies
  13. Have a gingerbread house contest
  14. Exchange Christmas gifts
  15. Decorate for Christmas
  16. Go ice skating
  17. Go to a hockey game
  18. Go to a brewery
  19. Board game night
  20. Adult night at the zoo
  21. Go ice fishing
  22. Go see a new movie
  23. Make a classic holiday dish
  24. Go to an ugly sweater party, or host one
  25. Spend the morning at a new coffee shop



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