If you’ve been following my journey on Instagram, you know I’ve been counting macros for well over a year. I found out about macros through 1st Phorm actually and their free 8 week challenges. Once I started counting and after figuring out exactly how to do it and pieced all the puzzle pieces together, I would never track my food any other way. I’ve lost the most weight and also have gained the most muscle while counting macros. It’s easy to think you’re eating healthy but then the change never comes with it. I’ve been there. That’s how my whole entire college experience was.

I would buy the low carb options at the store and ate fruits and veggies and went to the gym every day, but the weight wouldn’t change and my physique wasn’t changing. Go back just one year and I was the happiest I’ve ever felt in my skin and today I am more confident than I’ve ever felt before, just from a few changes and being mindful and aware of the foods I’m eating.

I have been having so much fun coming up with my first ever eBook I could scream! This is something I am beyond passionate about and I’ve loved the idea of creating books and materials for you guys. There has been so many things I needed to figure out on my own throughout my health and fitness journey. Everything in here took me months to realize and research on the internet without paying for someone else’s $70 eBook (cause believe me I looked). I knew my knowledge could help a lot of you to jump some of these hurdles I faced and so you can start to see those results!

I created this eBook for those who are starting or in the early stages of counting macros. If you have more experience or have been doing it for a while, even though some of the information may be helpful, you are probably too advanced to get your money’s worth in my opinion.

That being said, I am going to lay out exactly what you are going to get in this guide!

  • About me
  • My journey with macro counting
  • What is a macro
  • Why I prefer macro counting over other ‘diets’
  • How to set up your macros
  • Examples full days of eating
  • How to adjust your macros based on your goals
  • Planning your food for the day: with examples
  • Using a scale: weighing food, cooked v uncooked, etc
  • Scanning in food to an app
  • How to eat out and counting macros
  • Tracking alcohol
  • Resources such as grocery lists, foods to eat to fit each category, and more!

AMAZING RIGHT?! There are step by step guides with screenshots of exactly how to do each one of these things! I know visuals can be super helpful which is why I made sure to add a ton in it!

I’m also adding an extra freebie if you buy the book before my meal prep recipe eBook comes out. Because I didn’t want to wait any longer to get this out for you, I am designing a totally separate eBook directly for meal prep friendly recipes (with macros included).

I know, I know, it’s exactly what you need to stop yourself from endlessly scrolling through Pinterest to find ‘the perfect ones’ to make this week. Some of these recipes will include overnight oats, breakfast bars, Starbucks inspired bento boxes, protein balls, and fall recipes such as healthy chili and much much more!

Because a lot of you wanted the recipes included, I am going to give you a voucher to get the recipe book for FREE! This only applies to those who buy the macro guide before I release the cookbook. Otherwise, there is going to be an option to buy only the macro guide, only the recipe guide, and then a discounted price to bundle them!

I am someone who hates when people wait until they drop the products to announce the price, like just give it to me because I know if it’s too expensive I don’t want to waste my time getting excited if I can’t actually buy it, ya know? I’m aware that everyone rolls on a budget and a lot of us are in college or freshly out so I’m making these SUPER affordable for you! The guide is going to be only $25 and the cookbook, when it comes out will be the same; only $25 (unless you get it free for buying the macro guide)! When they’re bundled it’s going to be $40 instead of $50!

I am going to launch this on Monday, September 16, 2019 so be looking out for it! Oh and ANOTHER BONUS, when you purchase this guide, you will be entered into my monthly giveaway not once but twice for the month of September!! With this you can win your chance of OPTI-GREENS 50 or a level-1 or Phormula-1 protein flavor of your choice! You do not want to miss out on all of this!

Please feel free to drop all comments below, email me at lauren.jette96@gmail.com or shoot over a DM on Instagram! I can’t wait for you all to get your hands on this, and I appreciate you all so much for supporting me and making the effort to change your life.



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