5 Fall Activities That Help You Burn Calories

We all know how much fun fall is but that also comes with more treats, desserts, and wanting to be cozied up on the couch without moving. Here are 5 things you can do to keep burning calories this fall!

Go on a nature hike

With all the pretty fall colors, walks are probably my favorite thing to do. Bring along your puppies, kids, or friends and find new trails to walk. If you want to make it more ‘fall’ like, stop for some hot apple cider somewhere or grab a fun breakfast before or after. There are places to walk no matter you live, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try a new park!

Clean the yard up

No, not as much fun as the nature hike but we all have to do it. Grab some rakes and start piling up all the leaves. Maybe you want to get fancy and re-do some landscaping around your firepit or move your outdoor furniture inside. All these things burn calories while you do it!

Buy & carve pumpkins

You wouldn’t necessarily think of this as something that burns calories but the time walking around the pumpkin patch, picking up the pumpkins, hauling them, and using the knives to cut into the pumpkin all burn extra calories without you even having to think about it. You could make some fun at the pumpkin patch by seeing how far you can carry pumpkins, how high you can throw them, almost like you were using the pumpkins as weights in the gym!

Old school fall baking

I know we have all the gadgets and electric mixers to make baking really quick and easy but challenge yourself to do it the old school way. Take a recipe you love and don’t use anything electric to bake it! Your arms will get real sore real quick by hand mixing the dough and ingredients together! This could be a fun way to try a new recipe or make one you already love.

Get lost in a corn maze

Yeah it’s just walking, but walking has many benefits! Especially if you get lost in the corn maze for a while. There are plenty of corn mazes near me and I’m sure you can find some too! Look for ones that are large or small and then continue the fun after. Check out places you can walk or bike to, go horseback riding, walk around a farmers market, or go pick apples.



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