5 September Picture Books for Upper Elementary

Picture books are one of my favorite ways to incorporate learning into my lessons. They are usually pretty quick reads but a lot can carry quite a bit of depth. Making the conversations enlightening for the students.

Picture books are great at having a theme that relates to many struggles children of all ages go through and despite what they might tell you, students enjoy them.

I love using these books the first month of school to teach a plethora of topics : reading, writing, self belief, friendship, overcoming obstacles, etc.

This one is great for the first week to talk about our individual names, where they come from, why it’s important we learn everyones names, etc. You can do many great activities that relate to who you are! Find the book here

Patricia Polacco goes down as one of my favorite authors. Students can really relate to a lot of her story lines and this one is one I use time and time again. It perfectly talks about how not everything is easy for kids and it’s disheartening when others move faster than you. You feel stupid and behind and it’s frustrating. But we all have strengths and one of your strengths may be someone else’s challenge. Find the book here.

This story teaches children how to persevere through their obstacles. People may look different, have different challenges, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying your best! It also makes for a good discussion around character traits with how Emmanuel is determined to make a difference in the world. Find the book here.

This one is a fun one for kids to then pair with writing about the best part of themselves. My kids brainstormed a bunch of different ways they are grateful for their body. Then I took pictures of the best parts of themselves and we put it together to place on our wall – they turned out so cute! I couldn’t find a good price for the book so I just found a video of a read aloud for it to show my class ๐Ÿ™‚

The Book of Mistakes follows a journey of how this girl keeps making mistakes on her drawing as she’s trying to make things. With each mistake, instead of crumpling up the paper she makes it into something new and at the end it’s an awesome picture! Find the book here.



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