5 Steps to Organizing Your Fridge

Spring allergies are in the air and so is my need to have the house cleaned out. It feels so good to get this mess cleaned up. It’s crazy actually how much food I threw out because it was moldy or expired … more than I even want to share. Haven’t gone through any other area in the kitchen or house, but feels good to knock this one out early!

Follow these 5 steps to getting rid of all the clutter in your fridge and set up for success!

  1. Take everything out of the fridge – yes everything. Put it on counters, stack it on the floor, I don’t care where it goes, but it all out at once!
  2. Scrubba dub dub – Get out your soft scrub, your cleaning toothbrushes, any sponges you have, and get to work. Take out the drawers and wash them in the sink and make sure everything is spick and span clean before you even think about putting things back in there.
  3. Throw that shit out – Look at labels if anything is expired, look in all the tubs/containers/left overs to see if there’s mold, honestly just anything you know will sit in there until it becomes out dated or moldy, just throw it away. 
  4. Prep work – Have a bunch of half empty sour cream tubs? Put them all together in one, try to get rid of all the extras and clutter. If you like having different containers for fruits / veggies, put them away in those containers. Get it all organized before you put it back in the fridge.
  5. Organize & put it away – Have a system for how you want things organized in your fridge. Unfortunately my fridge doesn’t have the shelving that I want so it sucks how we have to put everything in there to fit, but it works for now. Everything should have a place and a reason! Make it make sense for you! I like having a ‘leftovers’ spot so that you always know where to find them and they don’t get stuck in the way back of the fridge!

Tag me on Instagram when you clean out your fridge so I can see how you organized it!! 



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