How to Hit Your Protein Goal

The one thing my clients struggle the most with is eating enough protein. It can be really daunting to see this number on what you’re supposed to each day and realize you need to double the amount of protein you’re eating.

Protein is one of the macronutrients that is a key factor in our body composition and overall health. Proteins make up our bodies tissues, immune system, and even our hormones! Without enough protein each day you may see quicker fat gain, loss of muscle mass, breakouts, lack of energy, feeling hungry throughout the day, and more.

A general rule for how much protein you should be eating, is .8 – 1.2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. If you’re not tracking, this is about 4 – 6 palm sized portions of protein per day.

Most females that start working with me are eating roughly around 50 – 60 grams a day. This can be really daunting to be eating that much and then I, or someone else tells you that you need to eat 140 grams. That’s almost tripling what you have previously been doing.

Here are some tips if you have been struggling with protein that help my clients:

  • Stair step your way up. Track your intake for a few days to see how much you’re currently eating. Then add 15-20 grams to it. Do that for a week or 2 until it seems effortless then add another 15-20 grams. Keep doing this until you get to how much you need.
  • Evenly divide your macros. If you have to eat 120 grams of protein a day and you eat 4 meals a day, you take 120 divided by 4 and you get 30. So at each meal, you need to take in 30 grams of protein. When you divide it down like this it is a lot easier to hit your protein vs getting to the end of the day and having 60 grams left.
  • Eat extra at each meal. If you’re not tracking, or even if you are, take your portion then add another little bit. It goes along with the other 2 above, but this will help to eat more throughout the day!
  • Eat your protein first. If you fill up on all your carbs and fats, you will not want to eat all of your protein. This is something I still do today!
  • Add in supplements. I have 1 protein shake a day which helps knock off 20-25 grams in a drink. This is a great snack if you need it during the day or if you workout early in the morning!

My favorite protein sources:

  • Meat – chicken, pork tenderloin, lean beef, chicken sausage, tuna, shrimp, salmon, deli meat
  • Non-meat – greek yogurt, eggs / egg whites, meatless crumbles & other plant based meats (usually just look in the frozen section.), beans, mushrooms
  • Snacks – crispy chickpeas, protein shakes / bars, protein treats (ice cream, mug cakes, etc.)

I usually stick to 4 meals a day with 30 grams of protein at each and enough carbs / fats in them so I don’t get hungry between meals and crave snacks! If you have other ideas let me know on my Instagram or drop it below as a comment!

If this is something you continue to struggle with and just can’t seem to get it all in, apply for coaching here and let me help you! I work with lots of females who are just starting to focus on their nutrition and aren’t really sure what to do. If this is you, or you just want more accountability, apply here to join the team!



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