A Li’l Life Update | Summer 2021

This summer is seriously going by way too fast and life seems to be moving at the speed of light. I am 24 years old and I never pictured my life how it is. Not for better or worse, this just wasn’t the life that I envisioned for myself. I always stuck myself in this box of ‘I’m going to be a teacher and that’s all I want’. 

I am so much more than a teacher though. And honestly, right now I’m not even motivated to go and get a teaching job. I have really just placed all my faith in God that he will lead me where I need to go and if there’s something I need to do He will tell me. I can’t really describe it other than simply trusting my gut and having faith. I’m putting it out there on my blog but I really feel that I will be back in my same 5th grade spot next fall. I don’t know how it will all work out, but that’s where my gut is telling me I’ll be. And if not, I’ll pivot and figure it out.

As far as the other half of my income goes, coaching couldn’t be better. I have recently launched my subscription site Embrace The Sweat and I have lots of girls enrolled for the month of July and getting more each month we launch! I am so excited to continue to grow it because in my heart I know this is where I’m being lead. I LOVE working one on one with clients and being able to really know them and their bodies and help them get to a place where they are confident in their bodies and the gym. But I also love being able to help more people at a more affordable rate.

I started working with some one on one clients in the gym too which is very different from online coaching but has made me an even better online coach. The way I describe certain exercises or common mistakes I find, or simply the conversations I have with people has given me a lot of perspective to share with others! I wouldn’t do in person coaching full time because I love my online side of things but it is something I’m looking to grow as well!

Having a community of girls all working towards the same goals and cheering each other on brings me joy like no other. I remember when I was new into fitness and felt so lost and lonely and craved people who wanted the same thing as me and I had nobody to turn to. Especially with teaching I really have to limit the number of clients I’m working with so this helps me not have to turn people away and they can still have me as a trainer!

I’ve been pretty dedicated to creating content and helping my clients more than anything this summer. I love all the extra time I get because I’m not working a different job for 8 hours out of the day. So, my days are spent sitting in my office creating, learning, and sharing out anything and everything!

I started my podcast “Just a Girl Podcast” which has been a fun new venture. I’m a huge talker so the podcast space feels super natural to me. I have a ton of goals on how I’m going to grow that too and the guests I want to have on here – subscribe so you never miss out!

As far as more of my life life goes, Cody and I moved into this house in November and we’ll celebrate out 5 year anniversary next month which is absolutely crazy to me. Moving in with someone will always bring its own challenges but Cody and I were pretty lucky that we didn’t have a lot. It has seemed so natural and I can’t imagine not seeing him every morning – I love our little family with Nova.

Nova is now 7 months old, just got spayed, and is so darn cute I can’t handle it. I wonder if this is how parents feel when they question having a second child because they aren’t sure how they could love another one….that’s how I am with Nova. She’s just my best friend and I love her.

I don’t know if I have much else to share. I’m so blessed that Minnesota is basically back to pre-covid times! I’m back to reading my daily devotional/journaling/doing mindset work daily to continue to push myself forward. And I just can’t really complain about much. Life is good. 🙂



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