All I want to do is get dressed up, go out to dinner, and have a glass of wine. Anyone else missing date nights and excuses to get dressed up?!

But just because we are stuck at home, does not mean that we can’t have date nights! There are tons of things we can do to recreate our favorite dates while being quarantined…that’s if you haven’t killed your boyfriend/fiancé/husband yet lol. Here are 25 quarantine date night ideas for you!

  1. Movie night
  2. Find a new recipe to cook up
  3. Camp in your backyard
  4. Breakfast in bed
  5. Have a picnic on a walk
  6. Play bartender for each other
  7. Order/find a new game and have a game night
  8. Binge watch a new TV show
  9. Go golfing (if your courses are open)
  10. Re-do a part of your house
  11. Fill up the tub and have a ‘spa’ night
  12. Give each other facials
  13. Cut each other’s hair (Let’s see who trusts who here 😉 )
  14. Make sundaes or get ice cream and eat it outside
  15. Order take out
  16. Stargaze
  17. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows
  18. Get a canvas and paint/draw a picture
  19. Recreate or make your own tik tok
  20. Go on a bike ride / walk / rollerblading
  21. Have a photoshoot with your iPhone
  22. Blast music and dance around the living room
  23. Get on zoom with friends
  24. Build a fort inside your house and camp out in it all night : popcorn, movie, dinner, etc.
  25. Play truth or dare

Let me know if you try any of these and tag me on Instagram @laurentaylorslifestyle ! Me and Cody have definitely been taking advantage of all the food (and for him all the drinks) during this quarantine! I love getting creative in the kitchen and you can find so many yummy recipes all over the internet!

What other date night ideas do you have?!



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