Back to School Bootcamp : Your roadmap to take back your mental & physical health this school year

We have had enough teachers. It’s time we take back our mental health this year and start focusing on us without feeling guilty for it. Through the last couple years and the mass exodus of teachers leaving the profession, we cannot keep doing what we’ve been doing and think we won’t get burnt out too. There’s a lot that needs to change from higher levels of the education world to make significant changes to our schools and profession. But we can’t wait around for that. It starts within us. And it starts this year.

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I almost didn’t go back to teach this year because I didn’t know if I wanted to. The toll it took on my mental health, the long days of working for the school and coming home to coach, planning my wedding, trying to keep my house semi clean and laundry done. I didn’t know if it was worth it.

I had a separate job opportunity where I would be taking on a marketing and coaching position for another company that I was dead set on taking. After working with them for a little while, they told me they couldn’t offer me a full time roll yet. While I completely understood, it stung to know it was the middle of summer and I would have to find a job teaching.

I have been talking to God a LOT recently. For something as simple as ‘clarity’. Why didn’t I get a job right out of school? Why was I getting cut every year just to be rehired at the same school each August? Why didn’t coaching work out? What is the plan for my life?!

Unfortunately, God doesn’t appreciate my outbursts and in the midst of my countless breakdowns over the last 2 years, one thought has always popped back into my head : ‘Gods got it’. 

That doesn’t help with the amount of work we all do as teachers from early mornings to late nights and everything in between that is seldom acknowledged or compensated for. But as my mind tries to twist and turn these thoughts into a longer winding slide down to the holes of self pity and despair, I am reminded of my gift and purpose.


As I was trying to find the best solution to going back to school or finding a separate job, God really put on my heart how much He needs me in the classroom. I was reminded as to how much of a difference I can make with the students in my class, but also the many other educators who battle the same issues as I do.

I know I can’t get out of the classroom because God has a lot of work left to do with me and I am going to use this platform and my voice to help YOU.

I thought it would be fun to do a back to school bootcamp together. It is 8 weeks long of different habits & routines to start the year out strong. This is not just for teachers by the way, these are habits anybody can use! 

Each week we will add in a new habit / routine to our daily practice and there will be homework to complete to help your mindset around it. Things like setting boundaries, time management, & prioritizing your internal health all are going to make a HUGE difference in how you’re able to show up to be the best teacher you can be!

If we are consistently showing up to school with lack of sleep, being over caffeinated, having junk food in our diet, how do you expect to have energy all day long? 

The same goes for your students. You have all these routines & habits that you are constantly helping them remember & manage, and want them to pack healthy food for snacks but you aren’t showing them you’re willing to do the same.

Be a leader for them!! For the other staff in the building! Imagine if every teacher in that school started taking care of their mental and physical health. How much better of a work place would it be? 

I decided one thing for me this year is I will not be tolerating constant negativity. It’s okay to complain for a little bit, but we don’t need to focus on that every time we sit down for lunch. Imagine how much different your afternoon would be if you didn’t spend 30 minutes complaining and ranting about the state of the world? Life changing.

Kids deserve happy teachers. We deserve to show up to this job we love and are passionate about, and be excited. It won’t magically happen. It starts with us. We can’t wait for the state & federal government or even your local legislation to step in and make changes. We have to start it first.

I would love for you to join the back to school bootcamp with me, it is completely free but you have to fill out this form here in order to get the ebook! I would love if you got a friend to join you! It does not have to be only for teachers, these are habits and routines that anyone can use and benefit from!

8 week bootcamp starts on Sept. 6, 2022 !! 



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