I think the word busy is such a lazy word nowadays. It’s like “hey, how have you been?” “Busy as usual, you?” Like we use the word busy for everything. And believe me I think I’m busy, but so does everyone. Right now I work as a substitute teacher during the day, then I go and nanny for a family after school, I work as a Personal Care Assistant for a girl who has a severe seizure disorder on the weekends, and I just launched my personal 1:1 training for macros and workouts. So if anyone can say they’re busy I sure can.

But I don’t think that’s an excuse to not have goals and get things accomplished during the day. I work out 5 days a week on this schedule, I make time to hang out with my boyfriend, and I am continuously growing this blog and my Instagram.

My biggest piece of advice for this is to simply schedule everything out. If you’re not someone who likes to use a planner, you better learn quickly because to keep track of everything mentally is so difficult.

I’m a very type A person sometimes and my schedule is one of those times. I always get the planners that have all the hours listed out so I can see how everything is scheduled for the day. On Sundays I go ahead and write in black pen all of my scheduled things-such as jobs.

Then I have a brain dump on a separate sheet of notebook paper. I literally write out everything I can think of that I need to do during the week down to writing ‘grocery shopping’ on the list. Write out anything big or small you need to do.

Afterwards, I go through and in pencil I write down on my planner times I will be working out or doing everyday tasks and cross them off my brain dump. This helps me to see how much extra time I have during the day to fit in other things. Then I just start plugging in with pencil (because these things can always change) what day I’m going to complete each of my brain dump items. And I add them into my planner on the bottom as to-do list items. Most of the time I will even write in the hour(s) that I will do them. I usually have about 3-5 things each day to do. More than that and I usually don’t end up getting to it all!

Then it’s all about executing and filling in the extra slots in my day with productive work rather than busy work. It’s super easy to sit and scroll on Instagram for an hour and not even realize it. Or sit down to watch 1 episode of a show while eating dinner and all of a sudden you’ve watched 3. Be mindful of where your time is going and make sure all the extra time in your day is being spent moving you forward than keeping you where you are.

Being productive is going to move you way farther ahead than being busy.



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