Choosing the right color for the master bedroom

Well, the first big project Cody and I are tackling is the master bedroom. It’s in the basement of the house in the one we bought which I don’t love but we’ve been sleeping upstairs in a guest room until we can get it done! It’s going to be so nice to have everything in one place when we finish it up!

The first thing we had to do was paint the nasty teal blue wall. Why someone wanted to paint bright blue in the master will never make sense to me but I was not moving a bed in there until that was covered up.

My process of making home improvements is pretty simple and straight forward. I create a Pinterest board with the label of the room I’m doing (or whatever project it is) and create almost like a mood board of collages. I save anything to the board that has styles I want to recreate, colors, moods, vibes, etc. 

I also have a bunch of saved albums on Instagram with posts I find that I like!

Then you have to look at where the room is in your house and the natural light that comes through because it will effect how your color shows up. With our bedroom being in the basement, we only have an egress window which sucks to not have any natural light. However, with it being so dark in there, I knew I wanted to have a light neutral color in there to brighten up the space. 

So once I knew that, we went to the hardware store to find some paint swatches and samples. It was pretty easy to narrow it down to a few color options when I was there. I’m someone who’s eye just picks out what it wants without a ton of thought. It took a lot of digging but once I found a few samples I liked, we got the small sample cans and painted our options on the wall.

It was an easy answer for me to go with the white once I saw them up. It looks so good now that it’s done and I can’t wait to re-do the floors and get our bed in the room! It’s going to look completely different!

We also went with the Clark Kensington brand from Ace Hardware with the primer in it and satin finish for those wondering!



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