As I expand my platforms it is really important for me to continuously think of content for each separate space every day/week.

Right now I make content for Instagram and Facebook every day, post 1 blog post a week, and have an email list that goes out once a week as well.

Anyone who makes a lot of content knows how difficult it can be to make separate posts because usually people are going to follow you on more than one thing and you don’t want them to just reread the same thing in different platforms. It’s really important for me to make a variety of content so I can be the go to person. I don’t want to be just known as the ‘fitness girl’ or ‘the teacher’ I want to be known as the girl who knows a lot and can speak to all sides of me.

If you are just starting out or you want to niche your content to provide more value, I thought of 5-8 different interest I have and the things I like to post about. Some examples are fitness, food, going out to eat, friends/family/significant other, travel, coffee, etc. whatever it is for you, write down only 5-8 because most likely other things will fall into those categories.

Once that list is done, create a word document and create a list under each one with bullet points or letters and start brainstorming a ton of different ideas you could create a post about whether it’s big or small.

When I made my initial list I started with 20 ideas under each one and I just continue to add to it as I think of things. Any time someone asks me a question about something, I plug it under one of my categories. Most likely if one person has a question, lots of people have that same question.

Whenever I’m not feeling inspired on a day to post something then I will go to the list and look at what I want to write about.

Then I will reuse my content for different platforms but never on the same day. For example, when I make an Instagram post, the next week or 2, I will use that exact same post word for word, but I will just copy and paste it and take the picture out (unless it’s necessary) for Facebook.

You should not be posting your Instagram posts directly to Facebook from the Instagram app because Facebook doesn’t favor them and will hide them from even the people you follow.

I will also take concepts or tips from each of my posts and make them into different posts. For example, I talk a ton about fitness on my Instagram page and I talk a lot about motivation. I never reuse the same post but I will talk about motivation in a post almost every month because I get a good response from it.

Another plus side is that if you continue to talk about these same 5-8 things, those people will naturally attract to your page and start to engage more on your posts and come to you for advice.



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