Fall is the best for everything. The weather is made for cuddling, there’s so many outings, and the pumpkin spice is here to get all the basic pictures.

I remember being in middle school and a boy asked the first date I went on was in the fall. We did that whole “meet me at the football game on the hill” and would secretly hold hands, major. Big. Deal. Let me tell you. You weren’t cool in middle school until you had a boy to stand next to at the football games.

After doing that for a while, he finally asked me on a real date. He asked me to go after school with him to this dingy corn maze, like a real small one next to a church. If this was a scary movie, this is where I would have died. But we went right after school because it was just down the road from our middle school and he held my hand the whole way and I thought I wasn’t ever going to date anyone again. Plot twist…we talked on and off throughout high school but nothing ever came of it clearly because I found Cody and will one day marry him.

Maybe that’s what sparked my love for fall dates? Maybe it’s because my mom keeps our house at 60 degrees year round so it always feels like fall? Maybe it’s everyone’s favorites? Who knows but I’m here for it and freaking love fall dates. Here’s 35 cute dates to take your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or yourself on one or all these before the snow hits the ground!

  1. Apple orchard…duh. Has to be number one.
  2. Make apple crisp or apple pie with those apples.
  3. Corn maze
  4. Pumpkin patch
  5. Coffee date outside (I know of places by me who now have apple cider mini donuts at the coffee shop…find one of those)
  6. Go to a brewery
  7. Order an Amazon movie and stay in with takeout
  8. Go to a haunted house
  9. Tailgate a football game
  10. Go to a football game
  11. Watch a scary movie
  12. Carve pumpkins
  13. Sit out at a bonfire and roast marshmallows
  14. Hike a scenic path
  15. Stargaze on a blanket or bed of a truck
  16. Make spiked apple cider and see where the night takes ya
  17. Go to a harvest festival
  18. Try a new fall dinner recipe
  19. Go shopping for Halloween costumes
  20. Go on a morning/night walk
  21. Decorate your house (this may or may not cause fights LOL)
  22. Go to an outdoor concert
  23. Rake leaves and jump in them
  24. Drive in movie or go to a movie theater
  25. Backyard camping!



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