February Goals

January went so freaking fast I can’t believe it! I am ready for the sunshine February always brings and some of the warmer days, it is not surprising how much happier of a person I am when the sun doesn’t set until 6pm. 

When I sat down to write out my yearly goals I had some pretty big aspirations for my business and life. I want to really focus on cultivating my true self and having a year of personal growth. I know when I can do that, everything else is going to line up in place.

Since hiring a personal coach again to help me throughout the year get and stay in shape for my wedding, I have been working for the last month on simply regulating my body to get it to it’s healthiest spot.

So far we’ve cut down on caffeine and now we’re diving into getting more sleep. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I thrive off of being ‘busy’ all day every day and I really struggle to let myself rest. As I am sitting here writing this blog at 7pm at night.

Part of it I can’t control. I have to teach my contracted hours. I have to get my hour and a half workout in 5 days a week. I have to walk my dog most days and spend time eating and meal prepping and coming home at night to get client check ins done and create content because that’s my business.

Those things I can’t control. But my coach pointed out that there’s a lot of things we can cut out that are the lowest hanging fruit and more things that seem nice in the moment but aren’t necessary towards growth. And unfortunately with my school day starting so early if I don’t want to be rushing out the day I need to get up at 4:30 to read, drink my coffee, and journal to get ready quickly and head out the door.

One of my big goals I have for February is to laser focus on me and what does me good. What makes me feel good. Where am I cutting corners? How am I holding myself back? What can I do to improve my overall life?

When I set goals for the month I look at 3 different areas : my focus, my intention, and my action plan.

February’s focus : building my community. I really want to foster great friendships over the internet, I want to help others, I want to build up Embrace the Sweat into what I am envisioning for it.

February’s intention : See the good. I say this all the time to Cody, usually it’s “believe in the good” because truly if you believe in the good, the good happens. I have yet to be proven wrong. I get caught up in the negatives so often, I have a pretty bad RBF so I have to practice smiling when I don’t want to or laughing when I want to hold it in. I want to focus more on what’s filling me up than what’s draining me. This goes especially at school, trying to talk about most of the positives instead of saying what’s not working or who’s on my nerves. I want to want to be at school.

February’s action plan goals : I want to be at 2K tiktok followers, I have about 800 more to go to hit that goal which I’m hoping won’t be too difficult. I am going to workout 5 days a week and track my macros 6. I am going to save x amount of dollars. I will read 4 books. I am going to take myself on another date. I will time batch better so I’m not staying up late most nights. I will double my 1-1 clients and get more girls into my free or paid membership site. I will laugh more and be more myself and truly be someone other’s want to be around.

I have such a wonderful feeling about what’s to come in February and I know I am going to make it all happen.

Thank you for being here and reading this. I hope you set big goals in February also and you crush them like me, this is our month!



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