First Trimester Essentials

Well I am clear out of the first trimester and while I didn’t have any morning sickness or anything like that (thank goodness), there were a lot of changes that happened these past couple months. 

I am thankful the only consistent ‘symptom’ I had was being tired. Now that could be due to the baby growing in me or my students driving me bonkers through the spring and into the end of the school year…teachers, you know what I’m talking about!

I have had to scale back my workouts a little because I prioritized my sleep in the mornings, and some of my jeans are getting snug 12 weeks in, dresses may be my best friend this next month heading into summer. 

Here are 5 things I have loved having in the first trimester! Comment below what you couldn’t live without in the first 12 weeks or what I’m going to need moving forward!

  1. Bump Journal : Honestly my favorite purchase by far. I think everyone needs one! I had bought mine before we found out we were pregnant so I could start writing in it right away. I asked God to show me butterflies when I was pregnant and the first few pages are filled with sticky notes of times I saw butterflies the 2 weeks leading up to my pregnancy test. I’m not kidding when I say how wild that was. I can’t even put it into words. Still to this day when I see butterflies I touch my belly and remind myself that my baby is safe, healthy, and protected.
  2. A GOOD water bottle : You will live and die by this thing. I am thirsty constantly and clearly baby needs it! Fun fact, my doctor said one reason I may not have any morning sickness is because of how much water I drink!
  3. Nasal Strips : guys, other than being tired I am congested 100% of the time and it sucks to sleep. I think this is the worst symptom to have. My nostrils are just inflamed to the point where there’s nothing that comes out of it, I just can’t breathe. I stack 2 pillows on top of each other to sleep at night but I don’t know how much that even helps. I lather my lips with Aquaphor before bed because they are so dry and cracked from breathing out of my mouth all night! So these nasal strips are my bestfriend.
  4. Prenatal Vitamin : this is the one I have – my doctor was really impressed with the ingredients and amounts of each one in it. Obviously consult with your own doctor on what you need! The only drawback of this one is you have to take 8 of them but they’ve never made me gag or nauseous so it doesn’t bother me!
  5. Honestly any sports bra, but these are my favorites. You will not catch me wearing a regular bra for the rest of my life lol. I can’t stand them. Especially when you’re swollen and sore all day, especially those first couple weeks! [Thin strap vs thick strap sports bra.]

Those are the ones I thought of on top of my head but I’m sure I could think of more. Let me know what you had to have those first couple months and what I need to get in these next one coming up!



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