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How I Changed My Mindset Around Cheat Meals

When I was in college I would restrict myself all week long and eat only “healthy foods” and then the weekend would come around and I’d have a huge cheat day with the greasiest food and lots of alcohol. Here is how I changed my mindset around this habit.

How to Drink a Gallon of Water Each Day

A gallon of water is a lot. I’m not going to lie, I have to be really cognizant of drinking it if I am going to drink all 126 ounces of water daily. If I don’t think about it, I can easily drink 40-60 ounces for the day. Here are some things I incorporate into my day to make sure I’m drinking enough.

My All Time Favorite Exercises for Each Body Part

I write a lot of workout plans for clients and myself but I always end up reverting back to my tried and true lifts. These are ones I don’t do every single week but always switch in. Some are compound lifts where I try to increase my strength whereas others are accessory lifts to do towards the middle to end of my workouts!

Winter Outfit Inspo for Teachers

Hey guys I wanted to let you know that I created a Teacher Fitness Group just for YOU. It is a whole platform

Easy Ways To Make Time For Your Fitness Goals

I get it. We all have jobs, relationships, a house to keep clean, laundry to do, grocery shopping, commute times, wanting to sleep 8 hours a night, and the plethora of other things we do day to day. 

However, we all have that. And some people manage to make time for their workouts & meal prepping while others don’t. 

5 Fall Activities That Help You Burn Calories

We all know how much fun fall is but that also comes with more treats, desserts, and wanting to be cozied up on the couch without moving. Here are 5 things you can do to keep burning calories this fall!

Last Minute Wedding Details I’m Working On

We are 3 weeks away from the big day and we are slowly dwindling out to-do list down. But there are so many last minute items that can slip through the crack. I’m also on wedding tiktok where everyone is in procrastination mode and it has me stressed more than I need to be!!

Back to School Bootcamp : Your roadmap to take back your mental & physical health this school year

We have had enough teachers. It’s time we take back our mental health this year and start focusing on us without feeling guilty for it. Through the last couple years and the mass exodus of teachers leaving the profession, we cannot keep doing what we’ve been doing and think we won’t get burnt out too. There’s a lot that needs to change from higher levels of the education world to make significant changes to our schools and profession. But we can’t wait around for that. It starts within us. And it starts this year.

My Daily Supplement Routine for Good Health

My daily supplement routine used to be so obnoxious, I tried taking everything under the sun. I’ve really refined it and try to get a majority of my nutrients from whole food sources!

My Weddings In 4 Months! Here’s How I’m Dieting For It

Well, I officially have 4 months before the wedding and I am starting to get into the zone on my nutrition. Over the course of the last 6 months I have been working on increasing my calories to build up my metabolism and put on a good amount of muscle. Now over the course of the next 4 months I will be working in the opposite direction to slim down!

How I’m Healing My Gut This Summer

I definitely played into the belief that the only thing that mattered in my nutrition was the macros on the nutrition. I literally wouldn’t care about how many ingredients or what those ingredients were, where the food came from, etc. Until I started to feel bloated, tired, more anxious, and wasn’t seeing results like before. So, this summer I have dedicated it to my own health, not my physical body!

The Best Ab Exercises to Program into Workouts

There are many variations of ab exercises you can do to continue to build a strong core. Having a strong core is going to be more useful than simply looking jacked and having a 6 pack. It increases stability, performance, balance, decreases chance of injury, and helps improve strength in all other exercises or cardio.

On The Go High Protein Cinnamon Roll Pancake

I am usually rushing out of the house in the mornings and this high protein breakfast is one of my go-to’s. It is so easy to put together and tastes delicious! Add your favorite toppings just like you would a pancake.

Do This If You Want To Have Better Relationships With Students and Families

People have complicated teaching. You can disagree with me on that but I think back to my years in elementary school and middle school and I remember half of the things I learned.

My Home Office Decor Inspiration

My next big home project is re-doing my home office. I got it all painted but now I have a ton of mix-matched furniture and decorations that just need to be updated. It’s like things from my parents house I took back, stuff from college, and other things from all over the place I’ve collected. So, we need some updates and I’m trying to do it as cheap as possible!

How To Be More Confident In The Gym

Everyone knows the feeling of trying to cover up their body in the gym and stay hidden away because they don’t want anyone to see them. You may have been embarrassed of the how you looked, what you were wearing, not knowing if you were doing an exercise correctly. 

My Experience With Dry Needling

On Friday I went and got dry needling done for the first time at the gym I work at. I was in for a movement assessment and the PT asked if I wanted to try it out on my shoulders and I said why not! It was very interesting and something I’ve never done before and here’s how it went.

How cheat meals messed me up & why I don’t use them

In college I would restrict myself all week long and eat only quote unquote healthy foods and then the weekend would come around and I’d have a huge cheat day

Why I Invested in a Coach Again

It has been almost a year since I had a fitness coach but I realized I was cheating myself out of everything I wanted in life and I was going backwards. I invested in my coach less than a month ago and my life has already starting progressing.

3 Things I Wish I Would Have Known When I Started My Fitness Journey

We all start somewhere but when I started getting into weight lifting I knew nothing. Absolutely nothing. I would get all of my workouts off of Pinterest and I’d be spinning my wheels in the gym for an hour. 6 months later and I wasn’t seeing many results. Fast forward to now and I coach people who are new to the gym to help them not make some of the mistakes I have!

The Power of Electrolytes and Your Goals

Electrolytes play a huge role in your bodies ability to have healthy and thriving cells, thus a healthy body. They are powerful contributors to the way our bodies produces energy in and out of the gym!

How I Stay Motivated To Workout

Honestly it’s never easy but I would say 75-80% of the time I look forward to going to the gym and eating healthy. I think everyones different and some people are naturally inclined to it vs others, but these are some of things that help me stay motivated throughout the year!

Fall Outfit Inspo

Fall 2021 outfit inspo. I’m currently digging all of the neutrals (as usual). Big comfy sweaters, athleisure, and overalls are all on the inspo for this fall!

The Best Way to Lose Fat

Everybody wants to lose weight, but what you actually want is to lose fat. The scale shows you every thing in your body in relation to how much it weighs. It doesn’t care if that means it’s fat, muscle, or your organs – it measures it all. When people come to me saying they want to lose weight, they really just want to lose the fat around their muscles so they look lean. In this blog I am going to give you 5 secrets to fat loss. If you do these 5, you’ll see progress.

The Key to Reducing Bloat..

Bloating shouldn’t be normal but often times we are stuck feeling so gross after a meal or at the end of the day. Your bloating is your body gaining inflammation so that it protects itself from something it doesn’t like. But, our goal is to stop that from happening as much as possible because there is something going on in your body that it doesn’t like. The key is really getting to the root of it.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits You Need

Hi! On this blog post I share simple lifestyle habits you should be focusing on as you try to live a healthier life. There’s so much out there about weight loss, muscle gain, etc. but not much about just simply wanting to live a healthier life. Don’t worry, I break down some key habits you need and how to stay on top of them!

What is Progressive Overloading?

In this blog I cover progressive overloading as it pertains to weightloss and muscle gain and why they may not be so different. I also dive into how you can use it to gauge your own progress and make adjustments to your own program!

Should you train to failure?

I’ve seen more things coming out recently about training failure or not. There are people on both ends of this spectrum who think there is a right and wrong way to train but to be frank, there’s reasons for each side that are substantial. Read the blog to find out if you should train to failure or if there’s a better way – I’m breaking it all down for you.

How CBD Has Changed My Life

How taking CBD daily has changed my mindset, improved my sleep, and helped me see results mentally and physically. As I continue to live with stress and anxiety in my life, CBD has forever changed me.

“Do you count active calories burned from your workout as ‘extra’ you can eat?”

In this blog I’m giving the run down on what active calories are on your Apple Watch or other smart watch and if you should eat those calories back the rest of the day. Do you change your macros on the days you workout? Do you earn more food after lifting? Click here to get the scoop!

50 Journal Prompts

Journal prompts you need to build your best life. I have found journaling to be a therapeutic and necessary habit to keep up day to day. It has helped me start to understand myself better, show up authentically, and live my life with purpose and understanding. I hope you enjoy these prompts – to get the most out of it, really dig deep into them and go farther than surface level. They are meant to make you think!

How To Track Your Workouts

Examples on how to track your workouts on paper and on your phone through an app! So simple to use and if you want to see true physique progress, you should be challenging yourself every time you step in that gym!

Tips For Portion Control

Struggling with how much to eat? Or not sure how to watch your portions without tracking your food? This blog gives 5 tips on how to use portion control to not go overboard!

Trader Joe’s Must Haves

Trader Joe’s is a go-to grocery store for me and I’m so sad it’s not closer to my house. In this blog I cover all my healthy (and not so healthy) must have items on my grocery list each time I go there! Let me know if you love any of these or if there’s anything else I need to try!

How to drink a gallon of water every day of the year

Drinking water is so difficult as a teacher (and for anyone else) because unless you’re strategic about it, you’ll be left with 64oz to drink before bed. Many people also think it’s ridiculous that I drink a gallon of water each day, but it is the most under utilized and well known healthy habit out there.

Greens Products…Worth it or no?

Every brand nowadays has a greens products and you can find them ranging in price from $10 to $60. Breaking down in this blog if they’re worth the money or not…or which ones are?

How I get up at 4am and workout

We all complain about not having enough hours in the day, but I think the issue really isn’t about having enough but making the time. We can all complain about our work schedules, but if you just got up the hour and a half earlier, it would be fine. In this blog I share my tips on how to get up in the morning to workout.

Choosing the right workout split

Ever feel so confused as to how you’re supposed to structure your workouts? Look no further, I got you covered!

What you need to know about fiber

There is a lot of attention on fiber right now and I used to be someone who thought, “oh yeah, fiber is supposed

6 daily habits to keep through the holidays

Are you someone who finds it hard to stick with your goals through the holiday season? From Thanksgiving through New Years I see so many people ditch their habits because it’s too busy or they don’t think it’s worth it.


The easiest recipe for those weeknight dinners you don’t want to spend 1 hour making! You really could substitute the shrimp with any sort of protein you’d like! These fajita vegetables are the bomb and I will never make them any other way.


It’s that time of year again when everyone in the fitness community comes out and shares ‘the secret to see progress over the holidays’ or ‘get ____ so you can still lose weight and start your new years resolutions early’ We’ve all heard it so here’s a list of do’s and don’ts as we stroll through this busy holiday season!


Everyone loves a good thriller come Halloween season! Choose one of these psychological thrillers to read next and drop a comment on any ones you’re loving this year!


“If calories in vs calories out always dictates if you lose or gain fat, why do some people reverse diet and  lose weight?”


Old Navy is one of the most underrated stores ever I think. They also have super cute but very affordable clothes! As a

20 ways to practice self care & manage your stress

Hey guys, it’s been a minute since I posted a blog because with the start of the school year, I’ve really just been

What’s better? steady state or hiit?

Hey guys, what kind of workouts do you love to do? The majority of my workouts are lifting and then I incorporate some

Pros & Cons of Hiring an Online Coach

Okay well this is a little biased because obviously I am an online personal trainer and nutrition coach and I have invested in

Healthy nachos

Alright ya’ll if you didn’t know I’ve been doing 75 hard and I just reached past the halfway point! Having to always be

My thoughts on fasted cardio…

There are so many different studies out there that will tell you exactly what you want to hear. If you look up benefits

411 on spring forward challenge

Alright ya’ll. If you’re not up to speed with all that I’ve been doing, I became a certified personal trainer (CPT) in November


It’s been a while since I’ve shared what I’m doing and where I’m going in the future and since I just ended by

411 on the transphormation challenge

If you’re not already signed up and entered in to win the $50,000 I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. This app gives


From Halloween to January 2 is the hardest part of the year I think to keep up with your goals. It’s so easy


When I was 5 years old I came home from the first day of school and told my parents I was going to


Ya’ll hear me talk all the time about tracking my macros; specifically focusing on the protein I eat during the day.   I


When I go to the gym, I usually am either getting there after a full day of work, or going bright and early


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