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Why I Stopped Tracking Macros

I tracked my macros for over 4 years and I stopped. Macro tracking helped me learn about food, I understood how food affected my body, and I realized I didn’t have to fear the amount I was eating to get in the shape I wanted. However, as my life has changed and my priorities change, so have my eating habits. In this blog I share about why I stopped tracking macros and my plans moving forward with my eating habits!

Easy Chicken Taco Salad

Delicious and easy chicken taco salad that is perfect for weeknight dinners or even meal prepping for lunch! I give my recommendations for toppings to put on it, the secret ingredient to take this salad to the next level and how I would meal prep it so it tastes just as good the day after!

How to Not Get Discouraged With Macros When You Naturally Enjoy High Fat Diets

Do you even need to go low fat in order to see results? Some will say yes and some will no. Here’s what I know and what has worked for many of my clients. Macros doesn’t mean one thing. Tracking macros is just a way to measure your food. You can be Keto and track. You can be low carb and track. You can eat tons of meat or none at all. Macros is not one size fits all but what fits best for your lifestyle & goals. In here I breakdown how you can enjoy a lower fat diet when all you crave is high fats. And I also give you some pointers on how to make the diet work for the foods you like!

My Easy Go-To Breakfast Lately

I am a huge breakfast girl! It is my favorite meal of the day and I keep it really simple because nobody has time for an extravagant meal first thing in the morning. However, quick things for breakfast can be hard when you are trying to get in a good amount of protein. Unless you’re adding protein powder to smoothies, yogurt, or in your milk for your cereal, you’re probably getting in a decent amount of carbs and fats with not as much protein. Making it harder for your end of day goals to be hit.

Vegetarian Protein Sources

Lent is upon us (if you celebrate) and on Fridays without eating meat it is really hard for me to hit my protein goal. So, these are some of my go-to protein sources throughout the day!

Overnight Oats Recipe

If you are lazy like me in the mornings and don’t want to spend time making a big breakfast and want something simple to grab on the way out the door, you need to try this overnight oat recipe!

My Favorite Teacher Snacks

Ever feel like you rarely get a moment to yourself to just eat?! Teaching lately has been one of those constantly on the move kind of things. Here are some of my favorite snacks that I keep in my teacher desk, mini fridge, or pack to bring daily!

My Fall Grocery List

Fall produce is my absolute favorite so I could seriously go to the grocery store multiple times a week! I am so excited to share with ya some of the things that are always on my list for the fall!

How to Build the Best Charcuterie Board

How to build the best charcuterie board to wow all your family and friends! There is a science and an art form to building charcuterie boards and I have perfected it!

Honey Sriracha Chicken Thighs

The perfect balance between sweet and spicy. I made these in the crockpot this week and Cody and I were huge fans of it! It is definitely going to be in our weekly rotation. I thought it was so good over the fried rice but you could sub for any other asian noodle like chow mein or have on the side with some potatoes!

Importance of Intuitive Days

In college I used to have these HUGE cheat days on the weekends after a week of restrictive eating and I would just eat anything and everything in sight because I thought I ‘earned’ it for being good all week. However, through those cycles I actually started to have a terrible relationship with food and my own mindset around what it means to be healthy. Through a lot of trial and error, and lots of work on my own mentality – I love adding in intuitive days to my own week and in my clients. The word in itself helps us disconnect the word from meaning ‘cheating’ on our diet and turns it into simply being mindful of our food.

10 Mindset Shifts to Find Food Freedom

Here are 10 mindset shifts you need to make today to stop restricting yourself from the foods you enjoy and start living with less food guilt! You can 100% eat the foods you love while reaching progress in the gym via resistance training & balancing your caloric intake.

Elevated Ramen Noodles

Need a quick and easy meal for those busy nights? Look no further, this low cost quick prep meal will have dinner on the table in no time! Sweet ramen noodles paired with your choice of meat & a veggie!

Healthy Fast Food Options

On the go healthy options to eat at all the fast food restaurants! How to stick to your goals even when you’re not at home. Finding healthy options can be hard but not with these!

How to Hit Your Protein Goal

The one thing I find clients struggle the most with is their protein number. For most people, this is not something they’ve been cautious of before and tracking to get to a certain number can be daunting. I break down in this blog how I eat enough protein each day and some tips to help you!

Starbucks spinach & feta egg white breakfast wrap

Copycat spinach and feta egg white breakfast wrap! A healthy and easy meal prep recipe for your busy life!

Uplift Gut Happy Cookies Review

My review of the Uplift Gut Happy Cookies, the pros and cons of them all and then I break it down individually for the flavors including my favorite (and not so favorite).

Shrimp Tacos

Quick and easy healthy mexican night dinner: shrimp tacos.

How to Track a Family Meal

Feeling overwhelmed by tracking meals that aren’t strictly a protein, carb, and veggie? I used to be there and I wouldn’t even try to track a recipe because it was too confusing and I’d just take it as a loss for the day. In this blog, I share with you simple ideas on how to track your macros when eating a family meal!

BBQ Chicken Flatbread

Healthy quick dinner recipe for you. I am a sucker for a flatbread pizza and these days it’s so easy to make them at home on your own without spending a bunch of money for take out.

When to adjust your macros?

Breakdown of when to adjust your macros and by how much. I lay out 3 different scenarios: if you’re looking to maintain, build muscle, or lose fat. Everyone is very different when it comes to the food we require so make sure to listen to your own body first!

Waffle-y good egg white breakfast sandwich

Ya know those lazy mornings where you don’t want to cook a big meal? Or need a quick freezer meal? Don’t worry, I got everything you need! I love sandwiches because it’s so easy to switch up ingredients that you like/don’t like to make it your own!

One Pot Pot Roast (with potatoes & carrots)

When the days get cool, my go-to meals are 100% comfort foods. There is nothing better than the roast sitting in the oven for hours and it smelling up your house. It makes me want to cuddle up in a blanket and sit on the couch all day! Plus, a lil red wine for the roast…a lil red wine for the chef…what more could you ask for for a Sunday dinner?


There is nothing more classic than a sandwich and chips for lunch. It’s been my go to since elementary school when I packed

BBQ Hawaiian Sliders

Are you team burger or hot dog?! If given the choice I will have a burger any day of the week! And what

Tuna Melt

Summer to me just screams sandwiches. I love any and all of them. But my favorites are anything grilled or pressed! What’s your

Protein cookie dough

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