411 on the transphormation challenge

            If you’re not already signed up and entered in to win the $50,000 I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. This app gives you everything you need to create healthy habits and reach your goals! I’m talking meal plans, macro tracker, live video calls from the trainers and researchers at 1st Phorm, access into my private Facebook group and 1st Phorms, and literally so much more.

            The challenge begins on January 20, 2020 and will run for 8 weeks long. This is more than enough time to learn how to track your food, create consistent healthy habits, gain confidence in yourself, and lose/gain the weight you want to! I’m so proud and honored to be a trainer for another challenge and I can’t wait to help you all in your own fitness journeys.

            The 411 on this is that, yes it gives you all these tools in the free and paid version of the app and it’s more than amazing, you still have to put in the work to get there. So, if you are ready to create your dream body and have been looking for someone to help you, look no further because here I am! 😉

Now onto the fun details and frequently asked questions:

Paid vs. Free version: There is a paid and unpaid version of the app. The free version will still make you eligible to win the $50,000 grand prize and get access to the Facebook groups, however I will say that everyone who has won so far has had the premium version. You get way more out of it and for only $4.00 a month and a 30 day free trial you’d be silly not to do it. Plus, if you get the 30 day free trial and decide it’s not worth the $4, then you can go ahead and cancel it and you won’t get charged!

What do the workouts look like? If you are someone who has the free version I think you only get 1 or 2 choices of workout preferences. However, if you have the paid version you can choose (and interchange any day/week of the year) from home workouts, EMOM, traditional lifting, cross training, weight loss, and strength training. You will also input your exercise level and can make adjustments to the types of equipment you have so theres always something you can do! Plus, it gives you full on videos with descriptions on how to do each exercise, which takes away completely of the feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing throughout the workout.

Do I need to use supplements? Nope! Supplements and even the workouts and nutrition on the app just suggestions, and as your coach I would let you know what supplements you should take before I’d tell you to buy any! All of these things are just tools for you to follow and help you get the best results. To win the $50,000 all you need to do is enter your day 1 photo by January 20th at midnight and then uploaded your final progress pic by the last day of the challenge!

What if I don’t have Facebook? That’s totally fine! I give a ton of daily content and so does 1st Phorm, but again, it is a tool but definitely not necessary. With the premium version you can just message me 1:1 and then tune in to the live streams for other content.

Who sees the photos? You do not need to post anything on any public place unless you want to! There are like maybe 3 people at 1st Phorm who will see your before/after picture and obviously as your coach I will be checking in with you every week and seeing your amazing progress. You don’t need to be in a swimsuit either if that makes you uncomfortable taking pictures that way. They just suggest wearing the same thing in your first and last progress to see the best results!

Tracking macros: If you are new to tracking macros and have never done it before I highly suggest getting into my Facebook group so you can learn, or continuing to keep up with my Instagram because I post a lot of good content all over the place! If it makes you nervous, don’t worry! I was in your shoes at one point and remember how frustrating it was to not be able to stick to a diet and I didn’t want to just enter another challenge I couldn’t finish and I didn’t see results from. I will only coach 1:1 people through tracking macros, but that being said, it is not a requirement through the app! There are choices if you want to do portion control or a meal plan. Tracking macros is going to give you the greatest results out of the 3 because it’s the most accurate.

I think those are the biggest things and most questions I get every single challenge. I hope this helped you to make the decision to try out the app and get into this challenge. The person with the best transphormation in my group (mentally or physically) will get a huge care package giveaway from me plus you could win the $50,000 from 1st Phorm!

If I didn’t get to your question you had or there’s something you were wondering about the challenge, please leave a comment or send me an email/dm me! I really do hope you get into this challenge and invite a friend, neighbor, coworker, partner, etc into it too! You got this, I know you do. Because I did it too and I will be doing this right alongside you!

Alright, see ya in the app!



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