Greens Products…Worth it or no?

Every brand nowadays has a greens products and you can find them ranging in price from $10 to $60. Breaking down in this blog if they’re worth the money or not…or which ones are..

Any supplement you take is not going to replace a whole foods option or negate the importance of them. The same goes with greens products. I think people believe sometimes that because they hate vegetables, they’ll just drink a greens product or throw it in their smoothie and they’re good for the day.

Whole foods is going to be best. Especially for greens. Depending on the cooking/processing method of foods, your body will extract differing amounts of the nutrients within them. For vegetables, the best way for your body to absorb nutrients is going to be through eating them raw, steaming them, cooking, blanching, etc.

It’s important to note this, because you should not be taking a greens supplement without also eating whole food micronutrients. They can make a great pair!

Each vegetable has different ratios of micronutrients and minerals in them. That is why it is super important to get in a variety of veggies. This is where it can be a good pair – if you find you’re someone who always eats the same fruits/veggies each week, this will give you added micronutrients & minerals to help with your internal health! I don’t know about you, but I never eat beets, elderberry, or grasses

Greens products are a really good option if you struggle getting in a variety of veggies, have digestive issues (infrequent BM movements, bloating, inflammation, weak immune system, etc), or if you just want to boost what you’re already doing for a more optimal healthy body!

Not all greens products are going to be made the same. If you get the $10 bottle off the Walmart shelf that looks like a toddler mixed together 2 paint colors to make a gross greenish-grey (They taste just like they look) you will not see the benefits. It will be a struggle to smell it, taste it, and feel it around in your body.

When you look for a greens product to try, you want to make sure there’s a variety of quality vegetables in there (the amounts on the bottle can be super helpful to know what’s in there but not necessary as long as you can see the variety). You also want to look at the color of it. Like I mentioned before, if it looks gross, it will probably taste gross. Your greens should be a vibrant green color and mix well within the water you’re drinking. And obviously, pay attention (if you’re being consistent drinking it) how it makes you feel and be the judge of it on your own.

What works for one person, may not work for the next which is okay! You don’t have to take a greens product to be ‘healthy’.

I have found personally that I love having my greens. I use 1st Phorms OPTI-greens 50 every single day mixed with their reds, collagen, and some lemonade mio and it’s amazing and has had such a profound effect on my mood, energy, digestion, and MORE. I wake up refreshed each morning ready for the day!

1st Phorm does offer 110% money back (or you can exchange the product) on everything which is why I originally tried them. I knew there was no harm in trying it out because I could get 110% of my money back if I didn’t like it! Once I figured out how I liked it mixed up, I literally crave it every night and don’t go to bed without it!

There are plenty of other good brands out there, but if you want some free shipping and to try these out, here’s my link! 

Again, remember these do not replace whole foods but it can help get a variety of nutrients in your diet and may help with other underlying issues going on! 



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