When I go to the gym, I usually am either getting there after a full day of work, or going bright and early in the morning. Therefore, my bag is always packed and stocked full of anything I would need. I compiled everything together for you to take a peak inside of it!

When I’m at the gym, I don’t even walk into the changing room…takes too much time and there are too many old lady butts hanging around in there…you know what I mean? Sorry but put a towel on for the sake of everyone who walks in there please.

So I get all checked in and scurry up the stairs, change in the bathroom if I need to and get straight to my workout! No messing around here, I like to be in and out as soon as I can!

Depending on your gym or training needs you may have different things in your bag than I do or not need some of the things that I have! If you need recommendations on what you should bring or things I should add to my bag, let me know in a comment down below!

  • The everyday basics, because you can’t leave the house without them.

    1. Pony tails
    2. Headband/hat
    3. Socks
    4. Tennis shoes
    5. Clothes if needed
    6. Deoderant
    7. Headphones
    8. Water bottle/shaker bottle
  • Supplements:

    1. Pre-workout: I use either Project-1 (strawberry pineapple is my favorite) or Megawatt V2 (summer tang is the bomb). I love both of these products for different reasons. Project-1 is my go to though. It has a larger serving of BCAAs, Creatine, beta-alanine, and caffeine than Megawatt V2. I do love Megawatt though if I’m not looking for a pump, I just need more of an energy boost!
    1. Post-workout phormula 1 & ignition: I do not go one workout without using the post-workout stack. It is one of the main reasons I’m able to train hard like I do and build lean muscle while dropping fat. After your training you want to get in carbs and protein as fast as possible. To do this through whole foods just isn’t possible to replicate because your body has to do a lot of extra work to digest them. If you want to get one thing out of my gym bag I highly suggest this! It is going to make the most profound results in your workouts. It will leave you less sore so you can continue to push heavy and get back the next day! Also, it tastes freaking delicious. Like I’m not kidding you, the chocolate mint cookie is hands down my favorite thing I drink all day-it tastes just like a girl scout thin mint!
    2. Creatine: It sounds like a scary supplement and honestly I used to think it was only for guys who wanted to get ‘swol’. Like no thank you, I’m not trying to look like a male body builder…however, I’ve done lots of research on creatine and fun fact: it’s the most researched performance drug out there! I use it with my post-workout stack. What it does is convert your energy use while in the gym. It allows to have more explosive movements and get in an extra 1-2 reps or be able to lift more weight. The more weight you lift, the stronger you get. The stronger you get, the more muscle mass you have. The more muscle mass you have, the better metabolism you have. The better metabolism you have, the faster and easier you can lose fat…get why I love it now?!
  • Extra

    1. Booty bands: No you can’t use get massive results from using only a booty band…like it won’t happen…if you want to grow a better butt, you need heavy compound movements like squats and deadlifts. However, there is a time and a place for glute bands and I love them. I incorporate them in my workouts at least once every week to help with my compound movements! I linked the ones I use, I have the light tiffany band and heavy boyfriend classic band and love them both. They stay up the whole time, no awkward folding or anything because there’s like a liner on it to keep it up. They are also the perfect resistance that I need for different movements!

I keep my gym bag as tidy as possible because then I don’t need to scramble to find a ton of things in there and everything has a place. It has helped me so much to stay focused in the gym and get my workout in and head out. No dilly dallying or spending a long time at home before getting things ready. Everything stays in my bag and never comes out unless I’m using it!



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