“Healthy” Habits I No Longer Do

I have been on my health journey for a long time depending on when you decide the starting point was. I feel like to a certain extent I have always cared about healthy habits and incorporating them into my life regardless of how old I was. However, I made a lot of choices in college until now that I have now since left in the dust.

This by no means, means that you shouldn’t do them. They all served me in certain seasons of life, but right now they don’t serve me in where I’m at! And that’s okay. Life changes and we’re not supposed to stay the same. It’s okay to have your priorities change and your expectations for yourself change with it.

1. Drinking a Gallon of Plain Water a Day

I still drink anywhere between 80-120 ounces of fluids a day, but it is not clear water. After researching a lot, I found a consensus that your body is flushing out a ton of minerals and nutrients if you’re drinking that much clear water without anything else.

So I started incorporating more electrolytes into my day. All of these things I drink on a weekly or daily basis and what I count towards my water goal : sparking water, propel, powerade zero, Liquid IV, orange juice, coconut water in my smoothies, and protein shakes.

You may have other thoughts and opinions on that, that is ok! It does not matter. But I know that my body has responded very well to having more than just plain water throughout the day and it helps me to stay hydrated. It used to be a struggle for me to get my gallon in some days but now I hit it no problem!

2. Workout Daily

I thought I had to lift 7 days a week and if I wasn’t at the gym every day I would get anxious. If I wasn’t lifting I was doing yoga or taking a spin class, or running on the treadmill. However, now my goal is 3-5 times per week. This gives me enough flexibility to still achieve my goals without burning myself, or my body, out. 

It is always good to get movement in but there is what’s called, overtraining. Overtraining is going too hard for your body to recover from your sessions and you stop seeing progress. So now if I’m craving movement and I’ve already had some good sessions throughout the week, I will get outside and go for a walk or do some light stretching!

My mentality around training has shifted from lifting for a physique to lifting for my health and how I feel on the inside.

When I switched to this, my workouts also became way more enjoyable! 

3. Track my Macros

I held onto this for so long. I have written multiple blogs on why I love macros and why I stopped. I think there is a time and place for tracking your intake and if you want a complete rundown, read this blog.

But I found so much freedom in not tracking my intake. I don’t have the same physique goals as I once did and macros simply don’t have a reason to stay right now. I took all the knowledge from tracking and continue to eat how I know my body feels and performs the best. I prioritize eating a ton of protein and whole foods. I don’t shy away from carbs, and make sure to eat if I feel hungry.

There are a million habits that you could have to help support your goals and it’s okay if those habits (or goals) change overtime! I was resistant to the change for a long time holding onto the body I thought I needed to have. Fitness is no longer my number one priority and that’s okay. I still train and nourish my body right without it being my sole focus! 



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