Healthy Lifestyle Habits You Need

Most of the girls I coach don’t come from a place of wanting to make drastic lifestyle changes. They want to be able to live healthier and happier but continue to be social and have pot lucks at work or go enjoy a vacation without the stress of working out. I definitely thrive as a coach in helping my clients find sustainable healthy lifestyle changes that they can take on every day of their life.

Now, you already know and have heard all of these before because if you’re looking at this post I’m sure you’ve been scavaging around the internet for other habits you need to incorporate.

So while I’m proud of you for trying to better your life and make these positive changes, I want you to choose one of these and stick to it for a whole month. It does no good to keep googling things, if you want change, you have to change. Nobody else can do that work for you.

If you try to incorporate too many at one time, you also won’t be successful and you’ll be back looking up habit trackers in a couple weeks when you realize it didn’t work again.

The only diet or habit that’s going to work for you is when you decide to commit to it!

Once you can do one of these for a month, add on another, and another, and another until it becomes second nature. But don’t tackle on too much at once!

I like to have a weekly to do list sitting on my desk or in my planner to check off daily things I need to do. You could print off a calendar and cross off days or you could have a daily or weekly to do list like me! But  you need something somewhere to keep track of it and hold you accountable to your goal.

Here are some of the healthy lifestyle habits I think everyone should work towards!

  1. Drink more water (100+ ounces a day is my goal for my clients)
  2. Eat more protein (~1g per pound of lean body weight/goal weight – I eat 140g each day for reference)
  3. Get enough sleep (7+ hours ideally)
  4. Smile & laugh more – boosts your serotonin and makes ya feel good even if you have to fake it sometimes
  5. Get sun – I aim for 30min or more a day
  6. Move your body – especially if you sit in a desk all day. Go for short walks, walk around the office/house, play with your animals/kids, etc.
  7. Read – I have learned a lot about myself through reading nonfiction books. Here’s a list of some of my favorites for self development.
  8. Resistance train 3-4x a week – builds muscle & confidence – sign up here for custom workouts or my subscription app
  9. Eat more whole foods – I aim for 3-6 servings of fruits and veggies each day.
  10. Do something for yourself each day – yoga, drawing, playing an instrument, dancing, meditating, etc. get off your phone and learn to have fun in your life again and calm down your nervous system.

Now choose one of those or something else you’ve found during your scrolling and stick to it for a whole month! You got this!!

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