How CBD Has Changed My Life

Rewind my life 6 months and you would find me constantly battling feelings of wanting to shut down everything and everyone in my life when it got too stressful. Small decisions would feel like life or death, and I would get overwhelmed at anything that disrupted my daily schedule. Am I alone in this? I couldn’t help it or explain it, but everything in my life seemed like a big deal. I would wake up early in the morning thinking about everything I needed to get done and go to bed upset that I didn’t cross everything off my list.

These emotions and thoughts would be running through my mind all day long. I couldn’t turn them off no matter how much I tried.

*I am going to preface this one by saying, I do not/have never had debilitating anxiety/stress and I have never had an anxiety attack luckily or been on any medication for it.*

I honestly didn’t even put together that my whole mindset has changed since taking CBD until I started writing this and got inspired. It was such a slow progression but thinking about how I don’t even have a job for the fall should be making me want to rip my hair out, but I just have this faith that everything is going to work out. 6 months ago I would’ve been searching all the job postings every single day waiting for each district near me to put theirs out. It would consume every one of my thoughts and I would shut people out and get snappy with those close to me because of it.

I knew that I needed to change my mindset, yes, but I also knew there was a bigger part I was missing and I needed help with it. I started to do more research on CBD because I had obviously heard, as I’m sure you have, that it helps a ton with anxiety and I knew people around me that had been taking it and said they liked it.

I was honestly skeptical of CBD for sure when it came around a while ago but I have continued to do my own research and knew I wanted to look for a company that I trusted. I got a starter pack from Cured Nutrition a couple months ago because I didn’t want to buy a whole pack without knowing what it would feel like and I went and after about 2 days, I bought their full size bottles of Rise and Zen.

It has now been a few months of consistently taking their products and these are some of the changes I’ve noticed:

  1. I have way more energy
  2. I handle my emotions A LOT better
  3. I don’t let my stress and anxiety eat away other areas of my life
  4. I feel more mentally clear

CBD is not a magic pill and if you have stronger feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress – you need to seek out a licensed professional. However, I can tell you that adding these supplements into my day has PROFOUNDLY changed how I show up for myself and others.

The old me is gone. I don’t want her back.

If you want to check out Cured Nutritions supplements, use code laurentaylor at check out to support me and this blog and all the other things I’m doing!




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