How I Read Over 50 Books A Year

Reading has always been a passion of mine and I’m so thankful for it. No matter what emotion I’m feeling I can always turn to book. My goal each year is to read 52 books, I’m aiming for higher this year but I don’t know if I could get 60 or not. I mean, I’m sure I could if I put my mind to it, here’s how!

Number 1 : Read 2 books at once

Now, this is not something I suggest for just any ole book. If I were to read 2 fiction books at the same time I’d get lost and confused and would mix up the stories. It would probably take me longer to read the both of them rather than one at a time. However, I am always reading a fiction and a non-fiction book at the same time. The non-fiction books always take me longer because I have to be a little more concentrated as I read them. But I can fly through fiction books no problem.

Number 2 : Read everyday

Duh. If you want to read more books, you have to actually read. I start and end my day everyday with reading. I get up in the morning and while I’m drinking my coffee I love to read, ideally for an hour, but sometimes it doesn’t last that long. I would say I for sure read for 30-45 minutes every single morning. At night, honestly it just depends how tired I am. I can read up until I’m about to fall asleep. I will be lying sideways with my book or iPad in my hand and be struggling to keep my eyes open before I shut it off. If these times don’t work for you, find time in your schedule where it does work! Even just a couple chapters does the trick.

Number 3 : Listen to Audiobooks

I know some of you won’t like this answer but you truly can read a lot if you are cleaning up the house or doing laundry, even driving, to listen to a book as you do it vs music or a podcast. When I read books that I’m not as interested in, sometimes I will even play the audiobook while I am reading the paper version because it helps me fly through it faster.

Number 4 : Take recommendations from others

As you learn what books you’re interested in, you can usually read those books faster. If a book is uninteresting to you, it may take you a while to read it. I always change up the kinds of books I read and I do read some childrens chapter books so I know good books to recommend for my students but honestly some of those young adult novels are really good for anyone! I use the GoodReads app to stalk others and find recommendations. I have a huge list (I think it’s over 1,000 books right now) that I started in 5th grade with my best friend at the time, and I still have it and add books and check off ones I’ve read constantly. 

Number 5 : Download the Libby app on your phone/tablet

I used to be a paper book only gal and I am slowly converting. I told myself this year I had to stop spending so much money on books (even though I love it) and I only buy my nonfiction books because I write in them. With the Libby app you can use your library card to download digital books and read whenever. I’ve been trying to read on there vs scrolling on social media when I have downtime or I’m waiting in a line. Little pockets of time truly do add up!



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