How I Stay Motivated To Workout

Honestly it’s never easy but I would say 75-80% of the time I look forward to going to the gym and eating healthy. I think everyones different and some people are naturally inclined to it vs others, but these are some of things that help me stay motivated throughout the year!

Keeping it a routine:

I always workout at the same time every single day. I am a crazy person and workout at 3:30 in the morning before school and obviously that’s not realistic to everybody. But if I don’t workout at this time, then I don’t. It’s really hard for me to be motivated to workout after school because I am so mentally exhausted.

Follow a plan:

I stopped working with a coach a couple months ago and to be honest, it was really hard for me to be motivated at the gym while having to create my own workouts. But now I’ve been following Squatober from Sorinex over on Instagram and it has been so much fun to switch it up and really focus on building my strength.

I don’t think everyone needs a 1-1 coach, hell I know everyone doesn’t need one. But I do think having some sort of plan to follow can be motivating, especially if others are doing it along with you like in my membership site! It helps to have friends hold you accountable and a group mentality!

Follow inspiring people:

You have to be careful with this because there is a difference here. You can follow someone and then feel really bad about yourself when they post about themselves. Or, you can follow someone and they make you want to be a better version of you. I stopped following a lot of the ‘bikini model’ 2016 pinterest girls. You know the ones, who are always perfect, have abs 24/7, never eat a bad meal. And started following REAL girls who were similar to me and their posts were uplifting and motivating.

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Post about it:

Originally I started my instagram account to hold myself accountable and it truly does. When you post about it, others start to kind of expect it and they tell you that it’s motivating to them and it honestly helps myself! If you’re not someone who likes to post things on their stories, I would encourage you to have a friend or a group where you can stay accountable to your workouts!

Cute gym outfits:

Again, not something that is sustainable to always have something new to wear, but there is no greater feeling in the world than putting on something new that you feel confident in and strutting into the gym!

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Set goals and reward yourself:

I am a huge goal setter and always have like 10 different ones on the wall of my office and even made my wall paper some of the goals I’m currently working on.

For fitness, right now I have a goal of completing Squatober without missing a day and really focusing on increasing my strength in all of my lifts (which I’ve successfully done already). I try to keep my goals away from losing x amount of pounds because your body could weigh the same as it does right now yet you look drastically different.

Your goal could be working out x amount of days a week for a whole month. Or drinking 100 oz of water every day for x amount of days. Or something as simple as meal prepping your food every day for work vs going out.

Then for the rewards, I try to keep them away from food because it gave me a bad relationship with how I view food but some of my favorite things I reward myself with : clothes, shoes, weekend trips, bags, getting myself a coffee, etc.

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There’s many different ways that people stay motivated, but know that motivation is a feeling and it will always come and go. It is not meant to stay forever. You are going to have to go to the gym when you don’t want to some days. But give it some time and consistency and you will start to become motivated by your own progress and wanting to continue to keep the promises you’ve made to yourself!



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