How I Take My Instagram Photos

Give me my tripod, cute outfits, and a nice back drop and 30 minutes and I will have a brand new set of photos for Instagram for the week. I always batch my photos because it saves me a ton of time down the road during the week when I can just flip through my camera roll and type out my caption!

Step 1:

Find a cute outfit & back drop. Whether you go somewhere outside or have a studio part set up in your room. You’re going to want the light facing toward your face  for the best outcome! I use a ring light if I’m inside and prefer overcast clouds if I’m outside or go earlier/later in the day when the sun isn’t beating down on me.

Step 2 :

I usually use my tripod and set it up right around chest height. This gives me my personal best angles, but you can play around with how you want yours to look. If you’re going for something a little more artsy looking, you may want the camera slightly down looking up at you or vise versa. I always have my camera app open while I’m setting it up so I can see what will be in the background of my photo when I step in front.

Step 3 :

There’s 2 options for actually taking the photo. You can set your phone to video mode and record a video the entire time. When you finish recording, press pause and move throughout the video and screenshot the shots you like.

The other way you can do this step is download the app Lens Buddy and set the timer to take a picture every .5-1 second so that it takes a bunch and you can flip through it at the end.

I like both of these options personally!

Step 4 :

Change outfits / backgrounds and repeat until you’ve gotten all the content you want for the day!

Step 5 : 

I take those screenshots or saved photos from Lens Buddy and insert them into the lightroom app where I have paid for peoples presets. You could adjust them on your own, I am personally not the greatest photo editor and don’t pay for premium so I just make minor tweaks to the ones I’ve purchased. I prefer content that is more neutral, nothing too bright so I will try to keep those warmer tones in my photos and take out the cooler or bright aspects of it.

It’s not perfect, but I can knock out a lot of content in a  short amount of time and it doesn’t look too bad on my Instagram page when it’s all put together!



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