How I’m scheduling my summer as a teacher NOT in school:

This is my first summer I won’t be working 5 plus odd end jobs just to make money because I am still getting paid from the school district through the summer and I’m over that schedule. 

I thought about teaching summer school and then one of the parents of a kid I teach wanted me to tutor them this summer and I thought that sounded way better than being in a classroom with all the students for a month out of my summer vacation.

So instead, I am just focusing on my coaching business and helping my girls find confidence and balance in themselves and enjoying my life a lot more too!

I had posted a few blogs ago about my schedule of when I was in school but now that’s thrown out the window for at least the next 3 months so I thought I’d update you all on what I’m up to now.

It’s so hard for me to work effectively at home. I don’t know how people do this constantly and get their shit done. I seriously have to put my phone in another room or at least feet away from me because I’ll go on to do something quick like look at my calendar and I swear I’m scrolling through Reels or TikTok for the next 35 minutes without even realizing it.

I know part of it is just going to be getting used to working from home and finding ways to be productive without actually just being busy – side note, those are 2 very different things! So I created a schedule for myself and actually got my planner back out that’s been collecting dust, and we’re getting to it.

Basically what I did was looked at everything i needed to do in a week for my business and teaching and i came down to this list:

  • Content : podcast, blog, instagram, reels, email list, etc.
  • Pictures for that content
  • Coaching specifics : check ins, studying, meetings at Anytime Fitness, coaching in person, onboarding/sales calls, etc.
  • Creating resources for clients
  • Answering emails / dms
  • Job searching
  • Studying for teaching & CEUs
  • Tutoring
  • PCA-ing

Then what I did with that list was write down in my planner the set in time things : coaching in person, tutoring, and my meetings. Then I divided the rest of the tasks up into each of my days so I can batch content.

My goal this summer is to get really far ahead in my content creation so when fall comes around the corner again, I can keep up better with all my weekly things without getting super stressed over my time constraints of being at school all day.

For example, today when I’m writing this, I blocked out 2 hours of my day for my blog. This means in the 2 hours I’ve been able to write all my blogs for the week, and I’ve started editing them, (I took a short break in the middle because I can’t stare at my computer that long,). But now the next time I have ‘blog writing’ down for Wednesday, I can finish editing them, add the pictures I took/edited, and schedule them out for the week.

This takes me way less time because I don’t need to go through multiple hours of writing content, editing, taking pictures, and posting it all at once to do 3 times a week.

Batching content is going to be my lifesaver this summer! It will take some time to get used to and I have to really build up my stamina of sitting at my desk for longer than 15 minutes but I know in a couple weeks it will be so natural.

I wrote a really good instagram post here also about how I take these bigger task items and divide them and use a tool I call top 3, bottom 3 to complete everything I need!

In my planner I have increments of 30 minutes throughout the day from 5am-10:30 at night, so on Sundays, I go through my week and schedule in my regular things, then surrounding those times I will write down these other things with boxes for the time each will take. During the school year I basically get home from school at 3, play with Nova for an hour, then work until I go to sleep (minus eating dinner) but now that I have all day to do this stuff I’m actually going to turn OFF the computer at 5:00 (unless I have a client inquiry call later). 

Cody got the runt end of me this past year and I don’t know how he put up with me the whole time because if roles were reversed I couldn’t handle it as gracefully as he did, but I want to really give him my attention this summer and make time for other people and events. Which means I’m going to say yes to going out more, weekends away, not always sticking to my strict macros, and truly enjoying my life outside of my work.

If you’re a teacher, let me know how you’re spending your summer, I’d love to know!



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