How to Create & Stick to Your New Year Goals

‘Tis the season for everyone to make unattainable goals in hopes that 2022 is going to be any different than the last 2 years. I am breaking down my exact formula to create and stick to your new years resolutions.

First, you have to get really clear about what area of your life you’re trying to change. I look at the wheel of life and pick a goal out of each one of those topics : health, physical, spiritual, financial, fun, career, relationships, and personal growth. I usually have an overarching big goal I’d like to improve on each one of these.

For example : My career goal for 2022 is that whether I’m teaching or not, I want it to be a choice that I’m there. I want my business to be matching or making more than my teaching salary where I am at school for my own choice rather than needing to pay bills.

But that doesn’t happen unless I have tangible steps along the way.

So, once I’ve written down each of my big goals for these areas, I go through and find what I can do realistically in 1-3 months and create 4-8 mini goals on top of that that I aim for every single month.

Again those things don’t happen if I do exactly what I’m doing currently so I take those and write down what I can realistically do daily or weekly to help me get to that smaller goal.

So yes it takes a while but I have 8 big goals for the year.

Each broken down into 4-8 smaller goals.

Each of those broken down into 1-2 daily or weekly tasks that will bring me closer to those.

If you say that you are going to run a marathon and your daily task you’re going to do is lift weights every day you will not achieve it.

You have to be really mindful with these things so you can see progress which ends up motivating you along the way to keep going instead of giving up like you have every other year you made that goal.

I love to reward myself on the 1-3 month goals when I achieve them. I have everything written down on post it notes by my desk and I look at them every single day to remind me of why I’m doing what I’m doing. Along with the goal I write underneath it what I’m going to buy / do when I achieve it.

I never reward myself with food or drinks or whatever but usually it’s buying new outfits or shoes, or booking a trip, taking time off, etc. and it is super motivating for me to work towards those things.

Another thing I do that helps me achieve these goals is creating my background on my phone screen to be reminders of what I want. Then every time I open up my phone I have to look at these areas and it helps me pause for a second that if what I’m going to do aligns with this.

I have done a ton of vision boards in the past and I still have one up but it’s less the cute pictures I used to print off and more just post it’s or habits or accomplishments that I’ve pinned up there in words with my big goals.

Honestly there’s no magic to sticking to your goals other than finding something to motivate you to keep going when it’s February and you already forgot about them.

You can play around with having someone hold you accountable (like getting a coach like me), creating habit trackers, setting reminders on your phone, etc. to help you get after it every single day.

If you’re interested in setting up your goals and achieving them like I do, I just launched my 12 week mindset course and we are diving into each of these areas of your life and looking at how we can get you closer to where you want to be. Why live a life you don’t look forward to? Why coast through when you can live in your purpose? Don’t waste another year and be sitting here in the same spot looking at 2023 and wondering how you didn’t become any better. Apply today and let’s hop on a call to talk about your goals and if this is a good fit for you!

I’d love for you to share this blog with others who need it or send pictures of your inspiration and documents you’re making to create these goals! 



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