How to drink a gallon of water every day of the year

One of my goals for 2021 is to drink a gallon of water every day of the year with no excuses. I get in really good habits with it and then I’ll let it fall off for a while throughout the year but not this year. I notice how much better I feel and act when I drink my gallon each day. For such a simple habit, not many people utilize it.

Water is known to help with increasing natural energy, keeping off the excess water weight we hold onto, and improving digestion (plus a plethora of other benefits like skin health). 

I was in a good groove during January working from home but now that we’re back in school I’m reminded how much harder it is to get my gallon in. I said no excuses though, so I’ve found some things that help me out. The biggest thing here is to try out a few of these if you haven’t, but at the end of the day, you have to find whatever works for YOU. If you need to put a cup of water out and each time you pass it in the kitchen you fill it up and drink the glass, do it!

Before I go to bed at night, I fill up my gallon jug. Each Sunday I grab a 99 cent jug at the grocery store and use it all week. I know I shouldn’t refill it, but I just don’t care enough to buy 7 different jugs of water a week. This is the easiest way for me to make sure I drink the whole gallon vs trying to count out the water bottle I’m on for the day.

Then when I get up in the morning, I take my Ashwaghanda pills with a giant glass of water! You get so dehydrated over night, it’s so important to start out with a big glass of water each morning! I drink as much as I can while my coffee is brewing if I’m not training that day. If I am training that day, I chug a little pre workout and chase it with some of that water. By the time I am on the couch or at the gym, I’m down 20-30oz of water!

You could pour from the gallon into smaller glasses or water bottles to help you out with these too instead of drinking straight out of the jug like me haha. But then as I get ready in the morning, I drink a bit more and try to have close to 40-60oz gone before I even get to school. I’ve found the morning is the easiest time for me to get in a ton of water.

When I was working from home (and on the weekends) I tell myself that I need to have 64oz down by the time I have lunch. I don’t hold myself to that as much now that I’m at school and have to wear a face mask and a shield while I teach. It’s nearly impossible to drink at school which makes me so upset.

But anyways, then I drink another 20-30oz after school and before dinner. Then after dinner, I drink the last 30-40oz! 

Having time blocks for myself has helped the most, because if I don’t look at the time, I’ll either drink it all in the morning and have 1.5 gallons or I’ll forget about it all day and will have to chug half a gallon before I go to bed. 

I know water bottles can be a real big help too, so I’ve had so many (it may be a problem but it’s whatever), these are my favs:

The time stamps on these can be really helpful too. With the quarter gallon bottle, I would just say I had to drink 1 before breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bed. You can still do that with your gallon and say 32oz before each of those meals!

I used to only drink out of straws but I found that even though I’d have it in my mouth all the time, I’d never refill it and I couldn’t drink as much at one time. Now I really like the 1/4 bottle or the big jugs because I literally just chug a bunch of water at one time and it goes down fast!

Do you do any of these same things or something else to make sure to drink your water?! Let me know in the comments!



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