6 ways to style biker shorts

Are you for the biker short trend or against it? I feel like it’s a pretty 50/50 split between the people who have 10 different pairs and those that never want to be seen in them! I didn’t think I would like them until I got my first pair and now I am obsessed and couldn’t have enough of them!

I don’t normally wear them to workout but I love to wear them casually while I’m out and about or lounging at home. I prefer the really soft ones over the athletic material just for the sole fact that I am not sweating in them and would prefer to feel like I’m wearing sweats verses an athletic pair! Also, I don’t have it shown here but biker shorts are really cute with cropped sweatshirts or t-shirts to give yourself the illusion that you have longer legs!

My Aerie ones (cheetah print) and Lululemon (last photo) pairs are like this and then my Fabletics pair (first photo) is the athletic material!

I wear my true size in each of these. I am 5’9″ and range between 145-150 pounds for those wondering! Aerie & Fabletics: small (I prefer my leggings and these to be more compressive but could fit into a medium if I wanted them a little looser). Lululemon: size 6. All the links are below the pictures!



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