Importance of Intuitive Days

In college my philosophy over nutrition was that I would be really restrictive on the weekdays and I would have a big cheat day or two on the weekends. This cycle set me back so far and my thoughts around food.

I never want my clients…or myself…to get trapped in that cycle. So I always make sure to include free meals and/or intuitive days for each of my clients. And I make sure ‘cheat’ is nowhere close to being in their vocabulary!

The words we use make a huge impact on how we view things. Something as simple as switching our word ‘cheat’ with our word ‘intuitive’ automatically changed our mindset around what we should be eating.

I’m not saying that on an intuitive day you can’t eat a cheeseburger with cheesecurds or whatever, but you can do so without the culminating guilt afterwards. And you can stop when you’re full, make sure to not overdo it, and truly enjoy the food you’re eating and the company (or lack thereof) you’re with!

After intuitive days my clients feel more :

  • ready to get back on track and motivated to follow the plan
  • mental clarity knowing they can use these tools their whole life
  • aware and in tune with their body as they learn to satisfy their body with how it’s craving.

If you are on a stricter diet or have specific goals where you need to be on point more often, you may have to sacrifice these days/meals to get there. But those periods shouldn’t last all year and I am confident that you can find this balance in your life too!

If you don’t already include an intuitive day or have never tried one before, try it out or switch out your ideas of cheat days to more of a mindful/intuitive approach and let me know over on Instagram how it goes for you!!

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