I’ve Lost My Creativity…But I’m Getting It Back

Take a minute and think back to your childhood. What did you do after school that you looked forward to? You ran off the bus and you got home and you couldn’t wait to _______. That thing is usually the thing that brought us the most enjoyment, peace, love, and happiness.

Now think about the last time you did that thing.

Why is it that as we get older the world tells us that if we’re not the best at it, that if we don’t do something with our future job/career with it, why waste your time continuing to do it?

How sad is that?

When I was younger I loved playing outside, making up games, playing piano, going to soccer practice, writing and reading.

As I look at my life now I realize that I feel the most peace and happiness when I’m outside and being active (or in the gym let’s be real), and when I’m creatively brainstorming. But today I took a seat at my piano bench for the first time in SO long and I remembered why I loved it.

I lost all track of time as I fumbled around remembering the sheet music I had stored away. Before I knew it, 45 minutes had gone by and I could’ve sat there all day until I got the tune perfect and my fingers didn’t mess up.

But at some point I gave up that part of me because no part of my life revolves around music.

One of my biggest fears in my life is that I’ll get to the end of my life and realize I didn’t give it my all. That I wasted time doing things that I didn’t enjoy, or in jobs I hated, or simply wishing for this time to be gone.

Nobody gets time back, so why would I waste it working all the time and not filling up my own cup. I already know that as I pour more time (just like 10-30 minutes daily) on things that I truly enjoy for myself, every other area in my life will flourish.

We can’t be our best self if we don’t learn and use what makes us US.

I encourage you today to go do whatever it is brought you joy when you were a kid. I think you would be surprised how naturally it feels and I bet you’ll question yourself just like I did, why you didn’t do this sooner.




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