Last Minute Valentine’s Date Ideas

Cody and I have officially planned nothing for Valentine’s Day so here’s a list I compiled of some cute last minute date night ideas!

  1. Go to a movie
  2. Rent a movie on Amazon
  3. Have a picnic in your living room
  4. Make a blanket fort and watch movies
  5. Make a new recipe
  6. Re-create your first date together
  7. Ice fishing, hiking, long walks, anything outdoors!
  8. Do a tiktok challenge where you go pick out gifts for each other at Target
  9. Make a spa night at home : massages, face masks, etc.
  10. Make a list of goals you have for the year
  11. Binge watch a new show
  12. Play a board game
  13. Go wine or beer tasting
  14. Book a staycation for the night
  15. Start a new tradition
  16. Redecorate a room in your house
  17. Look through old photos
  18. Have a photoshoot together
  19. Go workout together
  20. Play childhood games : hide & seek, nerf gun wars, truth or dare, etc.



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