Last Minute Wedding Details I’m Working On

We are 3 weeks away from the big day and we are slowly dwindling our to-do list down. But there are so many last minute items that can slip through the crack.

I’m also on wedding tiktok where everyone is in procrastination mode and it has me stressed more than I need to be!!


So here’s what I’m doing 3 weeks out from my wedding :

  1. Getting together a wedding binder : filled with all the last minute payments & tips for each vendor.
    1. Officiant
    2. Servers / bartenders
    3. DJ
    4. Photographer
    5. Videographer
  2. Putting together a wedding emergency kit
    1. bandaids
    2. stain remover
    3. tooth brush / toothpaste
    4. deoderant
    5. make up
    6. phone chargers
    7. Etc.
  3. Getting last minute details done
    1. table decorations
    2. shoes
    3. jewelry
    4. Table signs
  4. Getting in touch with each of the vendors
    1. Making sure everyone’s on the same timeline and all details are finalized with each of them.
  5. Honestly I’m sure I’m forgetting things but that’s what’s on my to-do list from now until the day of. 
  6. Shopping for outfits for the grooms dinner & staycation afterwards. We’re just traveling a couple hours north to Duluth for a few days after the wedding.

It seems like a lot to me and the stress is kicking in for sure. But we will make it! I know everything will fall into place as long as all my things arrive in time that I’m getting delivered. If you have anything else I may be forgetting please let me know!



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