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How I Read Over 50 Books A Year

Reading has always been a passion of mine and I’m so thankful for it. No matter what emotion I’m feeling I can always turn to book. My goal each year is to read 52 books, I’m aiming for higher this year but I don’t know if I could get 60 or not. I mean, I’m sure I could if I put my mind to it, here’s how!

Amazon Summer Must Have’s

These are my all time favorite summer things! I couldn’t live without them. Things you need for the beach / cabin, clothes, books, beauty products, and more!

2022 Book Round Up First Quarter

I compiled a list of my favorite and not so favorite reads of 2022 so far. I’ve checked a lot of books off my list but these ones I started in March are slow moving. Catch up on them all in this blog post!

What To Include In a Student’s Conference Folder

There is a lot of anxiety that surrounds parent – teacher conferences for both the parents and teachers. I always have a folder for each child that I have with me the day of conferences that includes things I want to share with parents. Here’s an inside look into what I share during conferences as a fourth grade teacher.

February Goals

My 3 step method to creating monthly goals : focus, intention, and action items. Here’s how I am cultivating a routine of becoming my best self this month.

Valentine’s Gifts for Students

Small Valentine’s gift ideas for every child! I pulled a list together for mostly kids in elementary school but could definitely be used with older kids too.

Spread Kindness 🙂 Sweatshirt

This is my first piece of product I am launching and I was very hesitant to make something. God spoke right to me and shared this vision for this sweatshirt and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

My Before School Routine

I have a very strict morning routine and if I don’t get to do it, it actually ruins my whole day. I am in love with my mornings, they are my favorite part of my day. Even once I get to school it just puts me in such a good mood to show up for my students every day!

My Favorite Teacher Snacks

Ever feel like you rarely get a moment to yourself to just eat?! Teaching lately has been one of those constantly on the move kind of things. Here are some of my favorite snacks that I keep in my teacher desk, mini fridge, or pack to bring daily!

Gifts Teachers Actually Want

Teachers don’t want more crap for gifts and I hate getting clutter. Here are some cute ideas you may not have thought of that teachers actually want and will use!

Struggling with Student Participation? Try this simple trick

One of my biggest pet peeves as a teacher is when I ask a question or ask for a volunteer and it is crickets in the room. I started changing my questions to this simple hack and it made all the difference in the world, I swear by it! Depending on how old your kids are, you might not be able to use it every time but a couple times a day it works like a gem.

Living Room Inspo

Honestly, the living room is probably the hardest space for me to decorate because it needs to be very neutral with things in my opinion and everyone is going to see it. I hate clutter and want things to be practical and cute when it’s placed and give off homey cozy vibes when someone walks in the room!

Last Minute Couples Halloween Costumes

Nobody has hours or hundreds of dollars to spend on super cool Halloween costumes we wear once a year. Here’s a combination of simple and cute Halloween costumes for the procrastinators out there like me!

How I Take My Instagram Photos

Give me my tripod, cute outfits, and a nice back drop and 30 minutes and I will have a brand new set of photos for Instagram for the week. I always batch my photos because it saves me a ton of time down the road during the week when I can just flip through my camera roll and type out my caption!

Don’t Wait for Retirement

I was recording my Embrace the Sweat Podcast last week and I said this phrase off script and it really just hit me. “Don’t wait for retirement.” We are conditioned our whole life that we work hard and when you retire you get to use the money you worked for to do all your traveling and fun things

My Favorite Places to Shop for Teaching Clothes

Online shopping is my cryptonite. And teaching clothes are just the absolute best. I love them so much and these are my go-to stores where I find most of my clothes!

How I’m doing Parent Teacher Conferences

I always think that parent teacher conferences come so early in the school but here we are! I am so lucky that I have really supportive parents for my students. I teach upper elementary (fourth grade) and I am so passionate about my students having autonomy in the classroom. And I think a big part of that is letting them in on the conference. I mean, it is about them let’s be real. This is how I am leading my conferences this year with more student input.

5 September Picture Books for Upper Elementary

Picture books to use in your 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classroom each fall to help teach students about determination, self growth, and even dive a little into character traits or writing pieces!

Teacher Must Have’s

I cannot believe I’m already setting up my room for the school year. Now that I’m in my second year of teaching, I have found some things I simply cannot live without in my room. If you are a new teacher, or maybe just want to mix up your own room – these are some of my must have items!!

I’ve Lost My Creativity…But I’m Getting It Back

Hi guys! I have been really inspired lately to get back my creativity back and start living my life more purposefully. We can’t live an authentic and fun life without prioritizing ourself.

My Favorite Places To Buy *Affordable* Swimsuits

I am one of those people who can’t justify spending $100 on a swimsuit that I’m going to tan in and sit on the beach. I just can’t do it. I can buy a lot of things with that $100..So, here is where I am finding all my cute swimsuits this season!

Healthy Lifestyle Habits You Need

Hi! On this blog post I share simple lifestyle habits you should be focusing on as you try to live a healthier life. There’s so much out there about weight loss, muscle gain, etc. but not much about just simply wanting to live a healthier life. Don’t worry, I break down some key habits you need and how to stay on top of them!

A Li’l Life Update | Summer 2021

It’s been a while since I did a proper introduce me post for all you new readers. First off, thank you so much for finding my page and following along in my journey, it’s not easy, hell I’d say almost every day is hard. But here’s the real and raw truth as to where I’m at. What I’m doing. And how life is going!

How I’m scheduling my summer as a teacher NOT in school:

No summer school for me! Instead I’m working from home on my fitness company. Here are all the things I do each week and day to break up my to do list. It’s really easy to stay busy without being productive, but there are some great ideas in here about what you can do to fill your time purposefully!

How CBD Has Changed My Life

How taking CBD daily has changed my mindset, improved my sleep, and helped me see results mentally and physically. As I continue to live with stress and anxiety in my life, CBD has forever changed me.

Healthy Fast Food Options

On the go healthy options to eat at all the fast food restaurants! How to stick to your goals even when you’re not at home. Finding healthy options can be hard but not with these!

Classroom Management Ideas for Upper Elementary

Teaching 5th grade can be pretty tricky when all the fun cutesy things primary teachers do, my students would think I’m ridiculous for. Luckily, this one behavior management system works like a charm and is so easy to manage, there’s barely any prep work!

5 Steps to Organizing Your Fridge

5 steps to organizing your fridge! Spring allergies are in the air and so is my need to have the house cleaned out. Follow these 5 steps to getting rid of all the clutter in your fridge and set up for success!

My Daily Schedule

Handling a busy schedule while juggling multiple jobs is hard but here’s how I break down a weekday for you! Best thing you can do for yourself is learn to maximize your time you do have versus wishing for time you don’t have!

10 Fun Facts for New Faces

Lots of new faces here on the blog, so hi if you’re new and welcome back if you’ve been here a while! This blog has really become a place where I share every aspect of my life and I love how much closer it’s brought me to you guys. I love Instagram for connecting there, but nobody clicks ‘read more’ any more so I’m making it more short and sweet and keeping my longer ideas/captions here on the blog! Comment below if we have anything in common with these 10 little fun facts about me.

Step by Step Tutorial: Dutch Braids

Dutch braids and french braids seem way more complicated than they are. I learned this super easy trick to make your braids look great every time! I have tons of pictures in here to help you get this hairstyle down!

Choosing the right color for the master bedroom

A few things to think about and do before painting your master. Plus my before and after of the paint colors in my room! Paint can be such a simple way to spice up a room and transform it for a cheap price!

Bell training for puppies

I don’t know if we got lucky or if I’m just that OCD about training, but our 6 week old puppy got trained using these bells in 1 day and only had 2 accidents in the house since we’ve gotten her (she’s now 8 weeks old). *I’m not a dog trainer, this is just what we did and it worked*

4 Steps to buying a house

Cody and I finally closed on our first house and it is such a surreal feeling to own a house. Going through the home buying process, we learned a lot of things we had no clue about and we definitely thought it wouldn’t take as long as it did. Here are the 4 steps it took to buy the house!


5th grade students are notorious for not wanting to read. However, as a literacy teacher, it is my job dang it to get them excited about reading. I use this one sheet to track my students progress through the year!