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10 Fun Facts for New Faces

Lots of new faces here on the blog, so hi if you’re new and welcome back if you’ve been here a while! This blog has really become a place where I share every aspect of my life and I love how much closer it’s brought me to you guys. I love Instagram for connecting there, but nobody clicks ‘read more’ any more so I’m making it more short and sweet and keeping my longer ideas/captions here on the blog! Comment below if we have anything in common with these 10 little fun facts about me.

Step by Step Tutorial: Dutch Braids

Dutch braids and french braids seem way more complicated than they are. I learned this super easy trick to make your braids look great every time! I have tons of pictures in here to help you get this hairstyle down!

Choosing the right color for the master bedroom

A few things to think about and do before painting your master. Plus my before and after of the paint colors in my room! Paint can be such a simple way to spice up a room and transform it for a cheap price!

Bell training for puppies

I don’t know if we got lucky or if I’m just that OCD about training, but our 6 week old puppy got trained using these bells in 1 day and only had 2 accidents in the house since we’ve gotten her (she’s now 8 weeks old). *I’m not a dog trainer, this is just what we did and it worked*

4 Steps to buying a house

Cody and I finally closed on our first house and it is such a surreal feeling to own a house. Going through the home buying process, we learned a lot of things we had no clue about and we definitely thought it wouldn’t take as long as it did. Here are the 4 steps it took to buy the house!


5th grade students are notorious for not wanting to read. However, as a literacy teacher, it is my job dang it to get them excited about reading. I use this one sheet to track my students progress through the year!