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Staying Motivated Through the Holidays

Everyone wants the secret to staying motivated and there are tons of tricks up my sleeve as a personal trainer that can for sure help you with this exact problem! However, I also think it’s okay to remember that motivation is an emotion and it’s not something that is always there.

How to Create & Stick to Your New Year Goals

‘Tis the season for everyone to make unattainable goals in hopes that 2022 is going to be any different than the last 2 years. I am breaking down my exact formula to create and stick to your new years resolutions.

My food mindset during the holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time if you are wanting to lose weight or keep the weight off. There’s a lot of stress that comes with being surrounded by family, lots of food, and constant potlucks and get togethers for a month and a half. In this blog, I share out some mindset shifts I’ve made around the holidays when it comes to being surrounded by all the yummy food.

Manifesting Your Dreams

How I manifest my dreams! I am still learning and revamping these things constantly but your mindset around what you can achieve has to come before the achievement – I firmly believe this to be true!

30 Day Mindset Challenge

Try out this 30 day challenge with me to get back on track with our mindset and our goals! I’m committing to doing this every day for the next 30 days because I got complacent in my life and stopped focusing on the little things that truly do add up.

Simple things that bring me JOY.

honestly life has just been real stressful lately and I need to remind myself of things that simply bring me joy.  Life isn’t just about the big things. It’s the small things. It’s the things we forget to be thankful for. So here’s a whole big list of what make me happy. What makes you happy?!

10 Mindset Shifts to Find Food Freedom

Here are 10 mindset shifts you need to make today to stop restricting yourself from the foods you enjoy and start living with less food guilt! You can 100% eat the foods you love while reaching progress in the gym via resistance training & balancing your caloric intake.

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