My All Time Favorite Exercises for Each Body Part

Hey guys! I’m Lauren, an elementary teacher during the day and a personal trainer after school hours. I sometimes forget that people who come look at my blog don’t always know who I am or what I do haha. I started my own fitness journey in college and got my personal training certification and a nutrition certification during COVID when the schools shut down.

Since then, I’ve been working with many women as well as my own body to find ways to make healthy fit into our daily lives while achieving our physique and overall health goals.

I am here for YOU. Please never hesitate to reach out to inquire about what coaching looks like or if you simply have any questions! I am always creating new resources, guides, tips, and content to help support you whether that’s inside or outside of the classroom or gym.

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Now onto the good stuff because I know you clicked on this blog to get some more ideas on exercises to incorporate into your training!

You will notice that none of these are ‘crazy’ ‘unique’ or ‘fun’ exercises but that is because they don’t neeed to be in order to be effective. The basics are called the basics for a reason!


Quad focused leg press : Place your feet lower on the platform to engage your quads more.

Squat : Just a traditional squat can do wonders! I also like to use the smith machine to really focus on my form and control throughout the movement.

Bulgarian Split Squat : I know everyone hates them but they really do do wonders for your quads.

Leg extension : another tried and true one that you can really isolate our quads.


RDL’s of all forms : My all time favorite. I think I do them almost every glute workout. DB’s, barbells, b stance, banded, honestly they’re all great.

Deadlift : this one works more than just the glutes but I love them on my leg days.

Stability ball hamstring curls : Don’t underestimate these. Keep those hips high and keep your core stable!

Hip thrust / Glute bridge : I actually really hate these because of the set up of them. In college we had a platform for it and at the gym I’m at now I don’t. However, these are key to seeing glute growth.


Assited pull ups : with a band or on the machine. Great exercise to get your core & whole back engaged.

Neutral grip lat pulldown : I get a much better lat engagement with the neutral grip vs the standard grip. But any pulldown variation is going to be great.

Straight arm rope pulldown : the rope attachment gives me way better lat engagement also. Hinge at the hips and make sure to extend all the way at the top!

Single arm DB row : Honestly the back exercises were my hardest to pick my favorites because I love them all. Any row, pulldown, rear delt activation, I just love them.


Seated DB Overhead Press : Starting off strong. Getting strong with this exercise makes your shoulders really pop!

Lat raise : A shoulder classic that has to go in every single workout!

Prone front raise : Doing these in a prone stance enhances the range of motion making them a little tougher.

Rope face pull : This is to hit the rear shoulders and helps give the rounded look in the shoulders when paired with other exercises. Pull elbows out slowly and keep the tension in the back of the shoulders.


Chest press : DB’s or barbells both work really well! 

Clavicular DB raise : If you need something to work your upper chest, this is it.

Chest fly machine : I underestimate this every time and it makes me so sore the next day!


Alternating arm dumbbell curl : standard but a basic for a reason.

DB incline skull crushers : the incline bench helps hit my triceps better than a regular bench.

There are tons and tons of exercises out there to incorporate into your workouts every week. If you are looking for an individualized approach to your goals, apply below no strings attached!



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