My Daily Supplement Routine for Good Health

Disclaimer : this is what I do, if you want to know specifics for yourself please consult a professional 🙂

Anyways, I have spent a lot of time nailing down my supplement routine. I am someone who loves to eat healthy foods and gets a lot of variety in my diet, however I still like to add things in when needed.

My daily supplement routine used to be so obnoxious, I tried taking everything under the sun. I’ve really refined it and try to get a majority of my nutrients from whole food sources!

Some of these supplements I take daily, others I take only when needed / wanted. 

Morning :

  • Rise CBD (code laurentaylor). Helps for focus & clarity without needing a second cup of coffee! THC free.
  •  Apple Cider Vinegar pills (code laurentaylorslifestyle 20% off). Helps with stomach acidity, digestion, & more!


Midday :

  • Pulse (code LaurenT). Preworkout – you can choose with or without caffeine.
  • This is sometimes where I take Rise as well if I need a pick me up and don’t want more caffeine.
  • Protein Powder (code LaurenT). If I am low on protein I will sometimes whip up a protein shake or make a smoothie with it.


Night :

  • Zen CBD (code laurentaylor). Helps relax, wind down, and get deep sleep all night long.


Ones I take occasionally :

If you want to find out what supplements are best suited for you of course talk to your doctor or a professional, you can also take this quiz here to check out what they suggest!

You definitely don’t need supplements in order to be healthy or see physique progress, but I found these to be beyond helpful in my journey!

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