My Easy Go-To Breakfast Lately

I am a huge breakfast girl! It is my favorite meal of the day and I keep it really simple because nobody has time for an extravagant meal first thing in the morning. However, quick things for breakfast can be hard when you are trying to get in a good amount of protein. Unless you’re adding protein powder to smoothies, yogurt, or in your milk for your cereal, you’re probably getting in a decent amount of carbs and fats with not as much protein. Making it harder for your end of day goals to be hit.

I really love warm breakfasts. And when I was trying to find foods that were making me inflammed I researched that egg whites can be a huge reason, so I cut those out. That upset me so much because I used to input them into everything or eat egg white omelettes, etc. and then I couldn’t.

So I made a switch to traditional eggs, part of my brain thought that was a huge waste of my fat macros but the yolk of the egg carries so many nutrients we need! Even though eggs are a protein source, there’s not very much protein in each one. So I do 2 eggs and instead of using a carton of egg whites, I just split the yolk out of the third egg and use only the egg white of the real egg. This doesn’t seem to bother my stomach but takes the fat content out of the last egg leaving me with just the protein.

All good breakfast meats (bacon, sausage) have a decent amount of fat and because I use the fat from my eggs, I try to limit it in other parts of my breakfast because I am in a dietting phase right now. For someone who is not in a dietting phase or wants to use more fat in their breakfast, feel free to use these yummy meats! But I actually get deli rotisserie chicken slices and I cut up 2 oz of it into my eggs. It is basically pure protein and adds another 10g of it into my breakfast! You could also use other deli meat like ham, turkey, canadian bacon, etc.

I top my eggs and chicken with 1/2 serving of shredded cheese and some salt!

Potatoes are real easy in the air fryer. I dice up 2 servings of potatoes (my favorite are the little ones or the golden potatoes) and I use 1/2 serving of olive oil over the top and pop them in the air fryer on 400 for about 10-15 minutes or until crispy on the outside. Depending on how thick you cut the potatoes will depend on how long they need.

Lastly, I pick my fruit of the week – this week it has been blueberries so I add that on the side!

The macros for these portions are : 455 cals : 29P / 32C / 22F



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