My food mindset during the holidays

This concept always boggles my brain. People get so concerned over the holidays and how it’s going to affect their bodies. I mean, I get it. You want to look good, you don’t want to derail your progress, yes.

But it is a couple days out of the whole year.

Stop giving it so much of your energy.

Honestly, the stress you feel over it probably causes more issues for your body than the food you’re putting in it.

I always try to get my clients into a maintenance phase at least for the week(s) during the holidays because they have more food to work with and they have more energy for their workouts.

As you go through these day(s) with your family and friends from now until the new year, I think it’s really important for you to make some commitments to yourself before going out.

Having a game plan can ease a lot of your stress and helps you eat accordingly before and after the event.

Some simple shifts mindset switches I’ve made in the last couple years :



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