My thoughts on Golden Star Beauty tanning lotion

I have tried SO MANY brands for tanning lotions because I have yet to find one I absolutely love. However, I definitely have found my new favorite.

Some common problems I find with self tanners is that they get super streaky, they look really fake, they don’t last, or I just don’t like how they go on/feel. 

I was pretty hesitant about trying out another one because since lockdown I haven’t put on any since nobody really sees me lol. Anyone else just embracing the COVID pale-ness?! However, I do feel like a new person & there’s always a spark of motivation that comes when I’m tan. If you like to use self tanner, let me know what your favorites are down below, I’m always on the hunt!

When I went to get it, I normally will get the medium/darker shade of products, but this one only had one option. Right off the bat I was a little skeptical of how well it would show up being that it was a lighter color than I’m used to…maybe it’s my winter pale-ness or maybe it’s just a good product, but the next day I could definitely tell a difference! It was pretty subtle but looked so natural! If I wanted it darker, I could have just applied another layer the next day but I decided to keep it. That one layer lasted me about a week which is pretty typical of other products I’ve used.

When applying the lotion, it goes on just like any other body lotion. Have you used a self tanner like that? I haven’t, I’ve just used mousse’s or droplets in regular body lotion. I used the mitt it came with which helped not make my hands super orange-y but I’m curious about how much gets on my skin vs absorbed in the mitt It went on so smooth after my shower and like I mentioned above, it looks like I literally sat outside in the sun, no fake-ness at all!

The face lotion is just a little droplet and you barely need anything to get it over your face – this bottle will last me so long! I have sensitive skin, especially my face, and I was pleasantly surprised that the face tanner didn’t make me break out at all! I washed my face in the shower before putting it on and then didn’t add any lotions or anything after.

Overall, I really like this product and I will definitely be continuing to use it and will buy it again! I love how natural all the ingredients are and how it went on and stayed on for the whole week! It looks super natural and makes me feel like I’m back in a warmer state vs the bitter cold Minnesota is! Now, I just need a vacation to match the tan!



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