Pros & Cons of Hiring an Online Coach

Okay well this is a little biased because obviously I am an online personal trainer and nutrition coach and I have invested in my own coach but there are definitely some big pros and cons to having an online coach.

I will also say; online coaching is very trendy right now and I do NOT believe everyone can or should be a coach. Do your research before investing in one. And if you choose to hire your high school besties friend who ‘coaches’ under an MLM company and has no education, training, or experience with clients but swears her ‘HIIT workouts’ and ‘shakes’ will shed body fat…just know what you’re signing up for.

I digress…


  1. It’s an investment. Coaching ranges from $50-$500 a month depending on who are hiring and what you want out of it. Obviously if you are looking to compete in something you will be spending more a month typically than a traditional lifestyle client would but either way, expect to put some money into it.
  2. You don’t get immediate in person feedback on lifts. Might seem obvious but if you hire an in-person trainer, you will get feedback and cues on how to perform lifts correctly and they will be able to push you farther within the actual workout and assist you. However, when your online coach gives you a plan, they should have cues or videos for you to get a good feel for how you should perform the exercise. I also offer to my clients to send in videos of their lifts so I can look at/correct body movements during main lifts.
  3. May be harder to build relationships. It’s not rocket science to know that creating relationships with people is a lot easier face to face than over a computer screen. If you are someone who thrives off of that in person relationship, then you may want to consider getting a coach at a gym. However, if you are someone who has no problems building or maintaining relationships online/video calls/etc. then you would be completely fine having an online coach.
  4. It’s really easy to find shitty coaches. Not going to lie, there are so many out there and it can be hard to know who’s good or not. Trust your gut. Make sure you look at the whole coach, take note on how they show up online, what their followers or current clients say about them, how timely they get back to you, and how much knowledge and continued education they have. A good coach is one who never stops learning and growing in their practice.


  1. It’s on your own time. You don’t have to be at the gym at a certain time or rearrange your schedule to get in with your trainer. You simply get the plan and it’s your responsibility to execute it when the time fits for you.
  2. Doesn’t matter where you live, what gym you go to, etc. You can find any coach around the world who fits with your lifestyle, goals, and who you believe can help you reach your greatest potential. You can get a plan for any kind of equipment you have or the gym you go to. There is no excuse for you to not get results.
  3. Community support: Many online coaches including myself have an online presence and you can quickly form other friendships with people who share the same values as you. This is especially helpful when you are feeling the lack of motivation and drive to continue moving forward.
  4. It can be easier to be transparent. Honestly sometimes I have an easier time sharing my thoughts and feelings when I am talking with someone over text than in person with them for the fear of their response. Having an online coach may help you be more transparent with how you are feeling and how the plan is working for you.
  5. Access all day long. Yes, there are boundaries, but for the most part, online coaches have ‘business hours’ where you can text/email them all day long about any questions you may have. You may not get immediate responses, but they will be there for you all week long rather than just the 1-hour session.
  6. You can stay with the same coach for a lifetime. Not that you need a coach forever, but despite any time you move, if you go through a pandemic and the gyms close, or circumstances change in yours or your coach’s life, you can still make it work and adjust the plan where it’s needed.

Hopefully this helps a little bit more on the discrepancies or advantages of having an online coach if you’ve been debating it for a while! There are so many reasons why I love coaching online and why I have my own coach. If you are interested in learning more about my personal coaching, please apply here so we can schedule a time to talk and see if we would be a good fit together! Or follow along my journey on Instagram where I share tons of daily motivation, food, workout tips, and overall healthy lifestyle choices!



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