Spread Kindness :) Sweatshirt

The Story Behind the Sweatshirt

This is my first piece of product I am launching and I was very hesitant to make something. I didn’t know what I wanted out there for the world but I knew I wanted a sweatshirt because I am personally obsessed with them. 

The last two years of teaching I have been appalled at how unkind kids can be. And adults to be honest. The world is such a crazy place right now and there’s so much hate on social media around what you believe, what you say or don’t, and what you should/shouldn’t do.

We try to complicate it all.

Life really isn’t that complicated.

So as I was journaling one day a few weeks ago I had been praying a lot to God about what I wanted to put on this sweatshirt and it just came to me as if He had made the sweatshirt in front of my eyes. 

Something so simple – spread kindness 🙂 with the smiley face and all.

I started drawing it out and I could just feel God speaking into me that it was right.

So, I started designing and found a third party to help me make it and launched!! I am so excited and nervous for this but I feel God telling me it’s right and I just want to share it with the world.

I only ask two things

When you buy if you could please share it on your story and tag me @laurentaylorslifestyle. 

When you wear it, let it be your reminder to simplify life.

To make it your mission to make someone else’s day brighter.

That a smile goes a long ways.

That you have the power to leave this world better.

Share it out. The world needs more kindness.

You only have until February 15 to purchase the sweatshirt and it will get sent to you by the end of February 🙂



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