411 on spring forward challenge

Alright ya’ll. If you’re not up to speed with all that I’ve been doing, I became a certified personal trainer (CPT) in November and I have been coaching 1:1 and did a macro challenge in January along with the 1st Phorm 8 week challenge.

Well, I am coming back with a spring challenge. If you have been wondering if you should get in on a challenge, now is the time. You’re not going to want to miss this one. I am coming at ya with more knowledge, more time to coach, and more tools for you guys. Plus, I got some pretty cool prizes for my winners (big one at the end and a few along the way)!

This challenge is going to start on April 13 and run for 8 weeks. Give me 2  months and I will change your ways of thinking about health, fitness, those shakes that ‘guarantee you you’ll lose 20 pounds’. For most people 8 weeks is not long enough to get your end results you want, but we can still make pretty significant progress towards those goals.

I am looking for 20 women who want to better their life and who want to stop making excuses for not prioritizing themselves.

I know everyone is concerned about not being in the gym and believe, me too. But we are all going to use these weeks off at home to propel ourselves forward, so when the gym opens up we can walk in there confidently and we can wear that swim suit to the beach without a cover up, and we can enjoy food and drink with our friends when the restaurants open up. Now is the best time to start.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just maintain and want some accountability, this is the challenge for YOU.

When you sign up, you will get an intake form from me asking base line questions so I can get to know you better and know what equipment you have at home and such so I can really create a plan for you.

Then, you will sign up for a quick call with me and I’ll go over your intake form with you, ask any follow up questions that I might need, and give you your plan and starter pack complete with

  • Individual macros
  • Workout split tweaked to the equipment you have at home (everyone will get the same split but depending on your goals and what you have at home, the workouts might change a bit)
  • Google sheets to track progress
  • Link to get into my private Facebook group
  • Sample pack mailed to you with some of my fav goodies (protein bars, sample protein, snacks, etc.) a note from me and maybe some other things sprinkled in there I haven’t finalized this part yet. It will depend on how many of you sign up!


That’s just the beginning, you will also get

  • weekly check ins with me with audio feedback to adjust your nutrition and workout program to see those results.
  • Form tips when needed
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Weekly live calls with me and the other girls in the challenge
  • Weekly live calls in my private Facebook group
  • Individual calls when you want
  • Option to workout live with me and the other girls much like a fitness class
  • Chance to win giveaways of products, outfits, gift cards, or money throughout the challenge!

The fee is going to be only $75 which is a steal for all of this! And I know that a lot of people are concerned with money too during this time, so I am giving the option to split the payment into 2 where you would pay $32.50 each month!

I am so excited to offer this during a time when everyone is craving a little more social interaction, guidance, and just support with their goals. Nobody can control the world or outcome of everything going on, but we do have the option to choose how we come out of this. Apply now to secure your spot and get moving in the right direction. You don’t want these spots to fill up. Let’s come out of this feeling better mentally and physically than we’ve ever been. Join me now!



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