Step by Step Tutorial: Dutch Braids

Dutch braids and french braids seem way more complicated than they are. I learned this super easy trick to make your braids look great every time! I have tons of pictures in here to help you get this hairstyle down! If you prefer video, I linked my reel down below for you!

*Also, I had just gotten back from a massage before this so I have make up under my eye from my face being smooshed down lol

What you’ll need:

  • Little comb
  • 2 small rubber band hair ties
  • 1 larger ponytail

Step 1: divide your hair in half & comb through it

Step 2: Put half your hair in a ponytail

Step 3: Pull out any pieces you want in front and then grab a triangle size piece of hair. You’ll want to start at the hairline and grab up diagonally. Split your hair into 3 pieces just like a normal braid.

Step 4: The trick – once holding the 3 pieces, use your middle finger to hold the middle one up higher. Then that middle finger will be the grabber and takes the side pieces. The difference between the dutch and french braid is the dutch braid, the hair goes under the middle piece vs the french braid where it goes over.

Step 5: Continue doing this diagonally down your hair where you want your braid to lay. Every time you grab a new side, you’ll add just a little bit more hair with it. Make sure you’re pulling the braids tight each time so you don’t get weird bubbles throughout.

Step 6: Continue this all the way down your hair & put in your pony.

Step 7: Slightly pull out the outside pieces of each braid to give it that fluffy full look.

Step 7: Repeat on the other side

Hopefully this helps you guys! It’s a lot of practice to get it done easy but now it takes me no time at all to do these! I inserted my reel here also so if you prefer to have a video, here’s one. I do wish there was more than 30 seconds I could spend on it but it’s better than nothing! If you guys have other hairstyles you want me to try out (I’m far from a beauty guru) I can add more!



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