Stop Holding Yourself Back

It is without fail that when I work with clients, a lot of times they come to me after being inconsistent, having an all or nothing mindset around working out and food, they’ve tried a bunch of different diets, tried working out in classes, did lots of cardio, don’t have any idea how or what to eat and just need structure and accountability to get them moving in the right direction. They all say they’ve been thinking about getting a coach or program for a long time and are just jumping the gun now.

It takes them about 3 weeks to say how they wished they would’ve done this sooner. That they feel better. Their clothes fit better. They have more energy and confidence.

In just a month of working together.

We’ve all been here in one venture or another where we want these results so badly and constantly think about what our life would be like if we were just 10 pounds lighter or if we had that job, etc.

Life would be better.


What’s stopping you from getting that?

You can have anything you want in this life and you are telling yourself that you’re not good enough or pretty enough so you self sabotage yourself into not getting it.

You screw up your nutrition.

You skip workouts.

You stop making time for positive habits.

And instead, you look to what’s easier and more gratifying in the moment. You get drunk with your friends 3 nights a week. You stop through the drive through instead of making food at home. And then you sit and complain about how somebody else has what you want.

But, you didn’t earn it.

Those people have it because they had to make sacrifices.

They made the conscious choice to get up in the morning and workout.

They prepped their food so they didn’t have to eat out 4 nights out of the week.

They busted their ass at their job to get the promotion they wanted.

Nothing is easy. Anybody who has anything, earned it by working hard. It wasn’t any easier for them to get out of bed than it is for you.

So, what’s holding you back?

I want you to do a little exercise this week : I want you to write down all of your self limiting beliefs. Anytime you think of anything negative about why you can’t have or do something, write it down.

This could be from your job, your relationships, health, spirituality, whatever is getting you in the way of yourself, I want you to write it down.

At the end of the week I think you’ll be surprised how long that list is.

It is really hard to move past some of these things, but it is not impossible. Anybody can change their life at any point. But it is going to take some work to get where you are to where you want to be.

When you look at that list, I want you to choose 5 of those things and rewrite them into something positive and make one habit from it that you are going to do all week.

Maybe it’s as simple as repeating affirmations to yourself. Maybe you pick up some books to help you. Or you take the leap to work with a coach or find a program for you. It could also be working out x amount of times, meal prepping, saving x amount of your paycheck, whatever it is I want you to focus on it this week. 

And any time you have these thoughts, notice them and then change them in your head to think about what’s in your control right now. How can you change it to something positive?

The only thing holding yourself back from your dream life is you. I’m not saying this is easy at all, but I promise, when you get your mindset in order, your entire life will change.

If you’re intrigued by how I can continue to help and support you I would love for you to fill out the inquiry form so that we can hop on a quick call and we can find a plan that fits your needs : workouts, nutrition, or both!

Please please please do this exercise this week and start changing how you talk to yourself. Tag me on Instagram @laurentaylorslifestyle and follow me on all social media channels – tiktok has been my new favorite place to hang out!



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