Summer Hair Styling Tools

I admire all the beauty and hair guru’s out there who make all these really cute up-do’s all over TikTok I see. I am not that way. I have been doing my hair the same ways since I was in high school just with better tools or technique. 

Honestly, I think people complicate a lot of things in life and are always looking for the best thing, when in reality, you probably just need better practice with what you have. Unless you’re still using a 90s crimper, it may be time to throw that one away..

Here are my favorite tools I use on my hair weekly to change up my hair. Sometimes something as simple as throwing your hair in a half bun vs a full bun is all the change we need!

1 inch wand curler (Bedhead – Amazon) 

BondiBoost crimper 

Chi straightener 

Tiny rubber bands

That’s it! Like I said, nothing fancy but it gets the job done and it’s really easy to change up techniques with each of these – or have fun with the little rubber bands to pull back front pieces, braids, half buns, etc! What tools do you have for your hair?!



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