Teacher Must Have’s

Tall stool

I use this up in the front of the room when I'm reading or just have been on my feet too long and need to sit!

Push Lights

These are up on my board with numbers for their voice level. I also have one on my teacher table so when I'm working with a student/group I push it on and students know I'm unavailable to answer other questions unless it's an emergency.

Wireless Doorbell

I use this as an attention getter and it really saves my voice!

Laminating Machine

My life saver all year round when I don't want to wait for our volunteers. Literally takes 30 seconds!

Cute Lanyard

If you have to wear it, you might as well make it stylish! I get neutrals so it matches with any outfit I wear!

Teacher Bag

I don't carry much to and from school so I don't need anything fancy. I love that I can hold together the top handles if I just sling it through my arm.



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