The Best Drinks If You’re Cutting Back on Alcohol

I have been slowly decreasing my alcohol consumption over the last couple years really post grad. This year one of my resolutions was to cut back even more. I don’t have many real reasons behind the why (not that people need any) but I noticed how much better I feel the next day when I’ve been sober. I have better sleep, motivation, my mood is happier, and I am way more productive. 

I will never fully quit drinking because let’s be real, it can also be super fun. And some days you just really need a glass of wine the end the night.

But one step I took this year to cut down was giving up drinking for lent. However, I’m a drink girly through and through and don’t want to simply have water all day and night. So I rounded some of my go-to drinks I consistently buy or order from places whether it’s early in the morning or late at night!

Smoothies are one of the easiest and healthiest ways to get your fruits & veggies and protein into your diet. I will do frozen fruit blends, spinach, 2 scoops of protein powder, any fruit that is on sale and at my house, chia seeds, and some sort of juice or coconut water to round it all off! I don’t have an exact recipe because it changes on the season or what’s in my house, but I always add 2 scoops of Legion Athletics French Vanilla Protein – use code LaurenT for 20% your first order & double reward points for every other purchase!

When it’s warm out I love an iced tea. This one I got is an iced green tea mixed with lemonade. It is so refreshing and easy to either order or make yourself! Honestly any tea mixed with lemonade is delicious. I try to stay away from super sugary ones because my body doesn’t love them, but you can mix and match depending on what you’re in the mood for! If you don’t like iced tea, go for a warm tea and add lemonade – thank me later!

Speaking of tea…iced matcha’s were my favorite last year. I would crave them after school. If you add some chai flavoring to it, it makes it a tad sweeter & so delicious! I only like matcha cold and got a cute little set on Amazon to make my own at home. I also like the ones at Starbucks but they can be filled with a lot of sugar. I mix it with oat milk and ice cubes for the best flavoring!

Gut healthy drinks like Poppi and Olipop are my go-to at school when I am craving a pop. I was worried about there being a weird after taste in them but from the flavors I’ve tried they’re not bad at all! They mimic an actual pop pretty spot on and curbs that craving for me halfway through the day!

Another go-to is sparkling waters. I specifically like the Spindrift brand because there aren’t any fillers or junk in them and they have such good flavors!

Juices are also big on my list. There are some really bad flavors out there though that are extremely potent. I wanted to be a cute juice girly but I don’t have the patience to actually make the juice and will spend the couple dollars to buy it pre-made in a jar. This Suja brand is one of my favorites and the other that you have to order online is Pur Juices. Both have tons of options that make you feel great while also not tasting like you’re eating grass!

Another and probably my last go to is Liquid IV or any sort of Gatorade type drink. These packets are so easy to bring in my lunch box to carry around at school and helps me get in some extra electrolytes! They came out with a mocktail spring edition which are delicious! Use code laurentaylorslifestyle for money off your order!



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